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Jun 10, 2009 09:50 AM

Nanina's in Fields Corner [moved from Boston] I know it was a hole in the wall but I use to love this place...and most of all the salad dressing there. I would kill for the recipe or to find another place that has similiar dressing. It was so unique. Does anyone else remember this?

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  1. I remember it. It was definitly a hidden gem.

    1. When I think of red sauce Italian, Nanina's was/is my benchmark. The owner of Nanina's has a son who is the chef/owner of Solstice in Kingston. I know they don't offer that dressing (mayonnaise based?) but give him a call. I've met him, he seems nice enough, and he may be willing to part with the recipe. Coincidently he had a receipe in the Herald today for baked Oysters, so maybe he's in a giving mood!

      1. I was given the recipe for Nanina's salad dressing today! I was feeling nostalgic and was looking around to see if I could find a recipe for their sauce.... YUM! Do you still want the recipe?

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          I use to like that place too! I would love that recipe

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            Without giving away state secrets, could you describe it? Maybe the basic idea of the ingredients?

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              my husband would marry me all over again for that recipe......may i have it, please??

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                Could I PRETTY please have the dressing recipe??? I'm dying for it! :)

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                  Ruby666 or Debfall---I would love the Nanina's recipe. We always used it to dip cheeseburgers in. If anyone has it could you email to nurseq111@yahoo. I would be very happy and grateful. Thanks Peggy

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                  I definately want the recipe I look for it all the time, please share

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                    Hi Deb, is there any way I could get a copy of Nanina's salad dressing? I used to go there with my parents all the time when I was a kid and it would mean alot to my mom if I could make this for her. Any help would be appreciated.

                    Thank you


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                      Best salad dressing ever!
                      Like everyone else I would love the recipe.

                      Thank you :)

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                        The person who claimed to have, but never shared the recipe, posted on this thread last December. It was the one and only time s/he posted on Chowhound, so don't get your hopes up.

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                        Loved this dressing...loved the fact that you could buy it by the bottles, and I did! Please send receipe...

                      3. Hi Debfall, I would LOVE to get the recipe. Would you mind sharing?

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                          Did you ever get the recipe, I would love to get it from you to surprise my son for Christmas Dinner

                        2. Would you PLEASE give me the recipe for Nanin's Salad Dressing. I'd like to surprise my son at Christmas Dinner. I use to send him 2 bottles a month when he was away at college and he would love it!! Of course so would I and the rest of the family
                          Please let me Know