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Jun 10, 2009 09:37 AM

Holland, MI area child-friendly eats?

We'll be heading to Holland, Mi later this month with our 11 month old son and staying a week. What restaurants (non chain, please!) can we hit with child in tow, without doing 'fast food' more than once? A good view might be fun for us and him, and the restaurant would need to have a highchair available. Any kind of menu would be ok with us. We are trying to expose our son to a range of foods, rather than the typical childrens menu of fish stix and chicken fingers. LOL. Need suggestions for lunches and dinners. I found older threads mentioning Grand Haven and Holland, but would appreciate some updated information. Thank you!

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  1. Hmm, no ideas? I'll keep checking this thread. If there are no replies by the time we take our trip, we'll wing it and see what we find. I'll report back if that's the case.

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      I've never been to Holland, but I have to guess that you'll find a lot of child-friendly places, as they are used to tourist traffic and it is a pretty family-oriented area. I've found on the west coast of the state, it's pretty easy to get local produce and smoked fish at various farmer's markets and roadside stands, so maybe you could have a picnic in addition to going to a local resto. Good luck!

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        I would try going to Trip Advisor too. Try the forums. Sometimes there are chowhounds where you are going and sometimes there are not.

        I'm headed to South Haven in a few weeks and I got some help from Trip Advisor there.

        Safe Travels

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          Thanks! I like the picnic idea a lot. Good to know that they have lots of markets/stands.

      2. if you are looking for casual, try the following.

        Fricano's pizza - amazing, but unusual, pizza. a local institution filled with kids

        the farmer's market is great. it's open on wednesdays and saturdays. fill up at the market and head to the Holland State Park for a picnic is the weather is nice. or if you don't want to pay admission. head a mile down the road to tunnel park, where you can get in for free and avoid the crowds.

        I'd also recommend checking out Saugatuck and Fennville, which are about 10 miles away. In Fennville, try Crane's Apple Orchard. The desserts are the real draw here. Try and cider donut sundae, any of the pies, the apple crisp. and take home a raspberry pie for breakfasts on the road.

        In Saugatuck, Chequers is a cute irish pub and and Ida Red's makes great breakfasts. try the omelets and the pancakes.

        In Douglas, which is right next to Saugatuck, try Everyday People's cafe

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