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Jun 10, 2009 09:36 AM

rhubard question

Hi Everyone,
I saw a great recipe on French Food at Home for baked rhubarb. Super Simple but it looks delicious. I went to the store and bought some rhubard stalks, and then realized, "huh, they're at least 1/4 to 1/3 green".
So my question is, do I use just the red part of the stalk and throw the green part away? I know that the leaves can't be eaten, but I just have stalks.

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  1. Just trim off the dried ends. Some varieties of rhubarb are all green. The red color of the stems varies with variety. Enjoy!

    1. I have rhubarb in my garden & I find that some stalks have more red and some more green - both red and green parts are equally edible and delicious!

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        Sometimes my cooked rhubarb looks pretty red, sometimes pink/light pink and sometimes (not often) light green with some pink.

        It's always really good no matter what the color. If you care about the color, I suppose you could put in some red food coloring.

      2. Yes, you can use both red and green parts. If I'm making something stewed or a cobbler where it will cook down with juices, I pick out stalks that are predominantly red. Just so it looks prettier. But it will taste great no matter what.

        1. I stewed rhubarb for the first time last weekend following directions a friend gave me. But in the final results, there were a few pieces of tough fiber. So more than color, watch to make sure you don't have stringy portions. Just treat it like celery, taking off any stringy outside parts. I stewed them in very little water and added a bit of sugar at the end. Delicious.