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Jun 10, 2009 09:08 AM

Quiet Corner in CT--Pete's

Pete's Drive-In reopens today in Pomfret. We will try to get there for dinner. If anyone goes there, please post, especially if they are serving clam cakes and chowder like they used to.

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  1. No way! I'll have to check it out. We were so sad to see it had closed.

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      Daughter just ran up there to get clam cakes and chowder for herself. She says it is set up like Pete's was before (only now the parking is better). She brought it home and I took a quick taste. The chowder was luke warm so if you get take out be ready to reheat. It also needs a good dash of salt. Otherwise good. The clam cakes were good though a bit greasy. Daughter said it was like the old Pete's. So if that was good for you, there you go. :)

    2. My in-laws live in Putnam and for years I've wanted to try Pete's but, as you might imagine, most of the time I've been headed up that way it was for a food/family function.
      I am happy to report that Saturday night my SO and I hit Pete's and I thought it was great. The menu is huge (and unfortunately I couldn't find a copy to post online) but it's what you'd expect: burgers, dogs (w/ chili, kraut...etc.) and lots of seafood. Also I loved that they have a choice of fries-either fresh cut or frozen (you'd be surprised how many chuckleheads opted for frozen ones when asked). I had a fried clam strip platter w/ fresh fries. It. Was. Yummy! My SO had a very good fish sammich w/ lettuce, cheese and tarter sauce. It wasn't the best clams or fish sammy but they were both quite good. I was very tempted to try the clam cakes but we were wolfing down our meals to make a showtime for a play at Pomfret Prep and were unable to linger.

      I hope we get to hit this place again before it closes up for the season. I'll have to try a hot dog---for sure.