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DON'T GO: Baton Rouge near Performing Arts Centre

Greekfood Koukla Jun 10, 2009 08:34 AM

I know, I know, should have known better. But I had 2 things making me feel like it might have been at least ok: 1) I had eaten at the Baton Rouge at Eaton Centre once before and it was acceptable 2) It was SO close to the Jersey Boys where I was going last night I thought why not.

How wrong.

Where to start. First it seemed like a cattle call (no pun intended); seemed like everyone was going to see Jersey Boys so I wasn't the only one with the same idea. Server took a couple mins to come over, but overall the service was what you'd expect at Baton Rouge, nothing excellent, but average and ok. I have no real issue with the service. It's the food that was horrible with capital H.

Caesar Salad:
Had *no* evident pieces of any romaine heart; was all very limp greens of the top romaine. Insult to injury on this so hard to screw up salad was a limp, soggy, 1/4 piece of baguette with melted cheddar that tasted and looked like it was made last week and just re-heated. Which brainchild of the Baton Rouge management thought that serving this ON TOP of the salad was a good idea?

Prime Rib:
In a short sentence: I've eaten all over the world so feel it safe to say this, most definitely the WORST, WORST, WORST, WORST piece of meat I've EVER had. The amount of gristle and toughness was incredible, it was in a word, inedible. Oh, and I asked for it medium and it came almost blue. Should have known it wasn't cooked right when even their big honkin steak knife couldn't even cut into it because it was so tough but when I cut into it discovered a nearly raw piece of meat. This is prime rib in Baton Rouge's eyes? Unbelieveable. Even the server was horrified when she saw it. The mashed potatoes that came at least tasted real but had bacon bits all over and an odd onion taste that just didn't seem right--they even took a usually tasty combo to disgusting heights on that one. Also had a weird sour note to it. Could be sour cream, but it wasn't good.

This was not my meal but the person who ate this said that while it was tender, the sauce had a very weird 'sour' taste to it almost like a fermentation type flavour is how he described it. His fries were actually ok. But he also mentioned a very alarming amount of gristle on his ribs as well.

Mahi Mahi
This was a special. Had a bite of my friends because she wanted it confirmed that it was too fishy. It was. She left most of it on her plate in little pieces. Again fries were ok.

So, there you have it, if you're ever going to Jersey Boys and think it would be a good idea to just eat at Baton Rouge, DON'T!!! It's not worth the hassle.

And no, we didn't complain because we were tight for time to catch the show and really, for a place like this, what's the point? They are who they are and they're not going to change. I will be voting with my wallet next time and will NEVER give them one more dime.

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    farmgirl1836 Jun 10, 2009 09:03 AM

    We received a gift card for $100 to Baton Rouge -- we had never been to a Baton Rouge restaurant before. So, off we sent to the Baton Rouge in Woodbridge. We aren't drinkers, so it was kind of hard to spend $100, but we tried. I ordered a steak and my husband ordered prime rib. We should have known there would be a problem with the prime rib when the server asked if we wanted it grilled or regular. When I again repeated that we ordered prime rib she once again asked if we wanted it grilled or regular. I said prime rib is from a prime rib roast, how can it be grilled? She then told us that she isn't a meat eater and doesn't know a whole lot about meat, but she knows that she's supposed to ask the question to customers. We told her that we wanted it regular -- we assumed that it was sliced from a roast. Anyway, we went on with our meal. We both enjoyed the salads -- we just had regular garden salads, not cesar salads. When the main courses came, I noticed that my husband's prime rib wasn't prime rib at all, but I didn't say anything because I thought maybe he'd enjoy it anyway. My steak was just okay. Anyway, my husband began to eat and I could see that even with his steak knife, he could not cut into this massive piece of meat (which contained a whole lot of fat). Finally, after a few bits, I asked how he was enjoying his meal. He said that not only was it impossible to cut, but it was awful and he was not enjoying it. I switched plates with him and gave him my steak. I tried his meal and called over the waitress to complain. She called over the manager. As soon as the manager came over and saw the meal I had in front of me he explained that their prime rib is not the same as "normal" prime ribs. He said that he has a lot of problems with the prime rib meals because customers expect prime rib, but really it's a rib steak (which would not be a problem if it were grilled), but we ordered it regular. Anyway, he whisked away the plate, brought us a portion of ribs to try (which we didn't enjoy) and took the meal off the bill (it was about $40). We felt that they deat with the problem in a fair manner, but why would they put prime rib on the menu if it isn't prime rib. We felt embarrassed to use our gift card at that point, so we paid cash for the bill. We did notice that most people in the restaurant were ordering hamburgers and chicken fingers or salads. So what we decided to do with our $100 gift card was invite another couple to come with us and we treated them and we will ordered burgers, chicken fingers and salads and honestly I think that's what you should order at a Baton Rouge -- that type of food was fine there. I think it's a whole lot like Le Bifteque was -- the meat, not so good, everything else, not so bad!

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      Greekfood Koukla Jun 10, 2009 11:22 AM

      Yes! Sorry I forgot about the most important part! When I too was delivered the prime rib I thought they had made a mistake because it was clearly grilled; not the type of prime rib I've ever seen. When I mentioned it to the server (she was not the server that took our order) she said that's how they served their prime rib! O yie yie.

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