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Jun 10, 2009 08:23 AM

Pub NE Calgary

Hey- can anyone suggest an independent pub or bar in North East Calgary where hockey could be watched and decent food might be served? I'm worried it's all Boston Pizza and Moxies up there- but I want to try to get to know that part of the city better.

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  1. Jameson's isn't bad - decent food. In the Superstore parking lot across from Superstore.

    1. I like the Toad and Turtle on Barlow and 32nd, pretty good food and quite a few screens.

      1. Not exactly a pub, but I've always enjoyed Bootleggers on 32nd ave across from Sobeys

        1. Nixx (formerly Nicastro) 2416 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary - (403) 277-7715
          and Boccavino 2220 - Centre St. NE, Calgary - (403) 276-2030 both hockey (Nixx has a massive number of tvs), are independent, and have good food.