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Jun 10, 2009 07:28 AM

Straightforward Seattle Question

Hi there,

I have a omnivore buddy going to Seattle (staying downtown), and am trying to give him some recs. I haven't been in a while, so my memories (serviceable but can't-miss chowder, Ivar's); fries, Dick's); (burgers, Kid Vallee) may be utterly obsolete. What I really want to tell him is -- now don't giggle -- where to get good salmon. Yours is, in my view (I'm from NYC) so superior to east coast salmon that getting salmon once or twice is paramount. He does enough fussy dining here in NYC that he'd less be looking for cutting edge cuisine than places with impecable but straightforward preparation of good salmon (wild if possible, but I understand that's not as easy as it once was). I also have dreamy memories of kumimato oysters, so if there's anyplace notable for oysters, a heads-up on that would be appreciated too. Thanks, Hounders, and come to NYC and eat with us!


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  1. Etta's. Any of the Douglas Joints do Salmon well, and they are pretty focused on Wild.

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    1. re: wallyz's Steelhead Diner, not grill.

    2. Not fussy or fancy, just great fresh food straight from Pike's Market is Steelhead Grill. Enjoy!

      1. Ray's Boathouse. Not cheap, but one of the better quality joints.

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          Upstairs cafe @ Rays. Similar menu, but cheaper, sit outside and enjoy the view.

        2. Crush might be offering COpper River or Yukon River salmon by now...even if it's just "ordinary" salmon, they do it right, not overcooking it like most places

          1. Market grill in pike place market has simple salmon sandwiches that a prepared very well.