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Jun 10, 2009 07:14 AM

Rome: suggestions for places to eat/drink near Hotel Artemide (Via Nazionale, 22)

I'm heading to Rome next week -- any great suggestions in the area? Thanks!

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  1. Hi. We will be staying at the Artemide in Rome and wondered how you made out with restaurants in that area since your post did not get any replies. Any suggestions?

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      If you go onto the CHOW Restaurant and Bars tab, and input your hotel address (Via Nazionale, 21, Rome, IT) in the second field, it will generate a map with a list of nearby restaurants. This feature is just starting to get populated with Rome restaurants, including those discussed on this Italy Board here and doesnt yet link in with this boards (it will show there are 0 discussions of the restaurants, but if you click links to the discussions of each restaurant will appear), but it will give you some ideas. of nearby options. Hopefully you will get more directly through this query. PS Trattoria Monti does not get pulled up by the CHOW search but it is fairly near and we liked it in November.

      Please note also that if you put in the neighborhood name (in your case Monti) in the search bar above, a list of restaurants in that neighborhood as well as Board discussions in that neighborhood will come up.

      Note to Italy board participants - If anyone wants to help work on populating the Restaurants and Bars section with additional Italian restaurants and your reviews, please feel free to pitch in. the method for doing so is a little clunky and the data fields are not geared to non-US destinations but I think we will get a payoff eventually when site engineers create links to this Italy Board. Please try to put in address/postal code and neighborhood at a minimum since that will help with the search feature and mapping. Neighborhood is subject to a little individual judgement since there is no pulldown menu and it has to be put in manually.

    2. Ooh tons-Dagnino, a sicilian pastry shop, is a great spot for breakfast (pastry and cappuccino), a cannolo, cassata, or other super sweet sicilian dessert. they also serve lunch cafeteria style lunch which is delicious and affordable. A 10-15 minute walk away off Via del Tritone, you will find Colline Emiliane, which serves excellent pasta and has wonderful atmosphere. Down via Nazionale, Open Colonna is on the top of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, nice for lunch, aperitif, or dinner.

      In the nearby Monti district, there are lots of places to eat and drink. I recommend: Taverna Romana, Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, La Piazzetta, and Urbana 47 for food, and Cavour 313 and Al Vino Al Vino for drink.

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        I'd like suggest "Al vino, al vino," on Via dei Serpenti, a small road connecting Via Nazionale and the Colosseum, in the Monti district.

        This "enoteca" has a great selection of wines and the owner, Giacomo, (who speaks English), is always happy to give explanations or make suggestions.

        It's possible to eat small dishes of cheese and cold cuts, and spoonfuls of "caponata" - a Sicilian antipasto made of fried aubergines, capers, olives and celery - freshly prepared by Giacomo's Sicilian mom every day.

        The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed; regulars include film director Mario Monicelli - one of Italy's greats - still razor sharp even though he's in his 90s.