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Jun 10, 2009 06:47 AM

Cheap groceries for fruits, veggies and meat?? please help!

I recently moved to the area and quite simply can't afford the rip off that whole foods is. I spend about $150 on groceries a week (mostly due to high prices of meat and fish) and never end up getting a lot of groceries!

Can someone tell me where to go near midtown to get affordable fruit and veggies? also meat and even fish??

I really appreciate it as I am new to this big city and feel kinda lost with all the options.

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  1. Hi:

    I can understand your frustration with the prices here, though, often, I find that some ingredients are actually cheaper in the city than in various other smaller cities in which I've lived.

    Also, I don't think that midtown is known for either a variety of grocery shopping options, or inexpensive ones. My suggestions would be to either head up to Fairway once a week, and/or down to Chinatown. Also, the produce place in Chelsea Market is very reasonable. Do you have room to buy meats and freeze them?

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      Second Chinatown and Chelsea Market produce place (even the Fire Dept. shops there). There's also a Fairway in rooklyn if you are downtown and have access to a car. Essex Street Market and economy Candy (LES) are also pretty good. Not sure what neighborhood you are in . . .

      When I had a car I would load up on pantry items when I visited my family in the Albany area and bring them to the city :)

    2. Another option for produce is those stands on the street - I'm pretty sure that I've seen them somewhere in Midtown - just worth keeping an eye out for them.

      1. The area between 38 St and 50 Street on 9th Avenue has some options: the Amish Market, 731 9th Avenue; there are several fish stores on 9th Avenue near 42nd Street; Stile's Market on 52n Street between 9th and 8th Avenue is inexpensive...On Thursdays starting June 18, until early fall, there is a Greenmarket inside of the Port Authority Bus Station, 8am-6 pm, in the bus terminal itself on the street level (according to the Greenmarket website.)
        There are also Greenmarkets on the east side of Midtown. Have a look at the website for all locations:

        1. For very affordable:

          Fruit & Vegetables: Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market (9th Ave. @ 15th St.)
          Fish: Sea Breeze Fish Market (9th Avenue @ 40th Street)
          Meat: Western Beef, 431 W 16th St. (between 9th & 10th Avenues)

          1. Closest option for midtown would be to head over to Ninth Avenue . The are a few butchers and a produce company with a street stand along the 40's. Also check out Western Beef on 15th between 9th and 10th which is right across the street from the Chelsea Market. Definetly shop at Fairway (i believe prices are even better at the 131st location) and Chinatown. New York supermarkets are over priced for not great food (especially produce),