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Jun 10, 2009 06:36 AM

Roman Gardens St. Petersburg Downtown, anyone?

My Mil wants to take us to Roman Gardens on Central Downtown St. Pete. Since her taste buds are somehow converted I'd like to read your opinions on that restaurant:-). Thanks!

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  1. Here's my take - it wouldn't be my first, second or third choice. That said if you are going to go call first to make sure they're open. I heard that they were closing.

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        Thank you! I'm told they are closing and move to Gulfport.

    1. Roman Gardens has all ready moved to Gulfport, corner of Beach Blvd & Shore Dr. Scheduled to open 7/11/09 - it's the old Aqua Bella bldg.

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        Well, I have to say that I was far from impressed from my experience at Roman Gardens restaurant, opened in Gulfport, Fl. The food was not what I expected in terms of home-made sauce. I ordered the Ziti entree that is baked with cheese and marinara sauce. The sauce tasted like it was a mixture of Hunt's can tomato sauce and basil or oregano. Plain and no flavor! My partner ordered the Lasagna which looked good but tasted like a Stouffer's frozen dinner. Each were edible but just not worth ordering out at a restaurant for the price. There wasn't anything remotely home-made about the food.
        On a positive note, the ambiance is very nice and the service was good, however there were only 3 tables besides ours. I would recommend Pia's right up the street from this place and has the best "home-made" sauce and entrees to die for. Seriously, I am Italian and raised with by grandparents who were born in Northern Italy.