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Roman Gardens St. Petersburg Downtown, anyone?

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My Mil wants to take us to Roman Gardens on Central Downtown St. Pete. Since her taste buds are somehow converted I'd like to read your opinions on that restaurant:-). Thanks!

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  1. Here's my take - it wouldn't be my first, second or third choice. That said if you are going to go call first to make sure they're open. I heard that they were closing.

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        Thank you! I'm told they are closing and move to Gulfport.

    1. Roman Gardens has all ready moved to Gulfport, corner of Beach Blvd & Shore Dr. Scheduled to open 7/11/09 - it's the old Aqua Bella bldg.

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        Well, I have to say that I was far from impressed from my experience at Roman Gardens restaurant, opened in Gulfport, Fl. The food was not what I expected in terms of home-made sauce. I ordered the Ziti entree that is baked with cheese and marinara sauce. The sauce tasted like it was a mixture of Hunt's can tomato sauce and basil or oregano. Plain and no flavor! My partner ordered the Lasagna which looked good but tasted like a Stouffer's frozen dinner. Each were edible but just not worth ordering out at a restaurant for the price. There wasn't anything remotely home-made about the food.
        On a positive note, the ambiance is very nice and the service was good, however there were only 3 tables besides ours. I would recommend Pia's right up the street from this place and has the best "home-made" sauce and entrees to die for. Seriously, I am Italian and raised with by grandparents who were born in Northern Italy.