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Jun 10, 2009 05:59 AM


Please see link. Found this in my granmothers kitchen after she passed. Dont know what its called or what its used for. If you know and can provide info, please share!!


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  1. A brussel sprout crosser? Looks like some kind of peeler...

    I imagine it would open a breach in a skin (say an orange) and provide 2 flaps each side for lifting.

    It also reminds me of a craft lino-printing kit I had as a kid; it came with loads of crazy carving tools like that to make patterns in the lino. So it might have nothing to do with cooking.

    1. If all three leading edges are sharpened, then I imagine one could use it for skinning an animal if you were to try some home butchery.

      1. are you sure this is a cooking tool?
        looks like something i saw a repairman use to cut out a piece of damaged linoleum on my prents kitchen floor circa 1970ish.

        1. I think it may be used to remove grout between tiles. Don't think it is a kitchen gadget. But I'll bet it does a great job on pumpkins at Halloween.

          1. You might consider asking Cooks Illustrated. It features a mystery utensil in each issue.