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Jun 10, 2009 05:47 AM

visting wells me

we are visiting wells maine for the first time. any recommendations for restaurants in the area. we looked at restaurants on mile road but can travel further. is the grey gull still around too? friend reocmmended that

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  1. The Grey Gull is gone, making way for another giant home with a beautiful view.

    1. My favorite spot in Wells is Fisherman's Catch. Off of Rt. 1, on a quiet beautiful marsh. Great seafood, lobsters and a good value!

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      1. re: Science Chick

        Fisherman's Catch is great! Just know that you may have to wait, that it is very casual- picnic tables with rolls of paper towels hung overhead. Further north than Mile Road.

        1. re: Science Chick

          Had a terrible lunch at Fisherman's Catch the other day, maybe I just didn't know what to order. Had the shrimp cakes (allergic to clams) and for 8 bucks they were damn near inedible. Grease-soaked bread patty with a few shrimp would be a better name. The grease actually puddled up on top of the cake as I cut into it with a fork - yuck. Fries were ore-ida uninspired and undercooked, slaw was okay and beer was cold. I wouldn't go back.

          Always enjoy Maine Diner , Merriland farms Cafe is nice, Wells Steakhouse is on route 1 not to be confused with Wells Beach Steakhouse on Mile Road. Mikes Clam Shack is always packed, they must be doing something right. Mabel's Claw in Kennebunkport is only a 20 minute drive.....Port Bakery Cafe there is great for breakfast. .

          1. re: jillso

            I've never had the shrimp cakes at Fisherman's Catch. I tend to steer away from "cake" preparations at most shack-type places.....too inconsistent. If I want that sort of thing, I head for a more formal restaurant. Sorry you had a bad experience, but I would give them another try and stick to a more straightforward clamshack preparation (clams, fish, lobster, chowder).

            1. re: jillso

              I didn't think the fried clams I had at Mike's were the freshest, and neither did my digestive system...;>(

              1. re: Wiley

                I had the fried scallops there and they were excellent. Also, blaming any one meal or dish on digestive troubles is risky. It could have been anything.

            1. re: redsox24

              Your suggestion is not emphatic enough. Having been there a number of times, I feel justified in recasting it as follows: " You've GOTTA try Joshua's!!!!"

              1. re: FarFar

                FarFar, I agree with you 150% but my first post got deleted by the mods. I have no idea why so I thought I would keep it low key. All I said in the first post was do a board search because there's a lot about Joshua's. Oh well. It's my favorite restaurant bar none and I live in Connecticut. To the OP, definately go there if you haven't yet.

                1. re: redsox24

                  Redsox24, I, too, live in Connecticut. And a meal at Joshua's is definitely worth the trip.

                  1. re: FarFar

                    I also live in CT and have enjoyed my three visits to Joshua's. Fresh ingredients and a lovely ambiance. Josh's parents (run the front of the house) are delightful!

            2. There are some really nice places in Wells. Depending on what you feel like at the moment. My wife and I are from Conn. and go to the Wells and Ogunquit area at least 3 times a year. We like Varano's on Mile Rd. Very Italian. Also if you like Steak you can try the Steakhouse Restaurant its right on RT.1 in Wells. ( Also there is also Billy's Chowder House On mile rd headed to Wells beach..Nice casual place to eat, not very expensive,nice view of the marsh. Hope this gives you a few places to try I have personally been to both and have enjoyed they. Also if you are into sports and a Red Sox fan there is a place on Rt.1 in Ogunquit. Called Vinny;s East Coast Grille and Bar. They have the greatest salad. with the house dressing ,its wonderful... Take care and I hope you have a good time. I am headed for Ogunquit for 3 days at the end of the month. Earle Ct.

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              1. re: Earle

                We're in Wells now. Had a really nice dinner at Billy's Chowder House last night. The service was very good, and we all enjoyed our meals. The view of the fog over the marsh was nice too.
                Question: which steak place do you all recommend? The Steakhouse on rt. 1 or the Wells Beach Steakhouse on Mile Rd (which seems to be owned by the same family as Billy's and Varanos)?

                1. re: crabtree

                  You can't go wrong at either Steakhouse, usually, but the one on route 1 is the one that is famous all over New England. The wait can be a while, and the service a bit rushed during peak season (now), if you're wanting to see what all the fuss is about check out The Steakhouse on route 1...if you just want a great steak with a quiet and refined atmosphere, try the Wells Beach Steakhouse and please report back, just don't hear enough about this place since it's overshadowed by the other.

              2. Joshua's in my favorite, here in Wells. Try their Blood Orange Martini! (This is not a place to bring children too!) Be prepared to spend $$$, but it's well worth it! For Italien, Verano's (hint, have your meal downstairs in the bar, it's cozy and generally, there's no waiting) For Steak, The Steakhouse on Rt 1; For Sushi, go to East. Seafood, I generally cook at home, but for atmosphere, try Mike's Clam Shack. It's typical seafood fare, but most nights (in the summer) there is live entertainment, and it's pretty good. Be sure to sit in the bar though, and get there early! Grey Gull is gone, however, they have a sister restaurant off the beaten path in Ogunquit called Clay Hill Farm. Enjoy your visit!

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                  I refuse to patronize a place that has made it clear that children are not welcome- as I understand is the case with Joshua's. Unless they have recently remodeled, Clay Hill Farm has seen better days and is depressingly shabby inside.