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Jun 10, 2009 05:30 AM

Pudge's Blue Bell

A friend of mine mentioned that Pudge's is closed. Does anyone know if this is true? Did they close or just relocate? Do they have other locations?

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  1. Pudges moved up 202 towards 73 - just to the next shopping center from where it was. Same strip mall as Pho Thai Nam and Dolce Luna.

    1. Sigh. Okay I heard through the grapevine that their former landlord is actually telling people they went out of business rather than pointing disappointed customers to the one minute walk it would take to get to their new location. Apparently it wasn't an easy parting of ways. But my friend John has informed me that they now take credit cards. Not sure it that is good or bad news. The new location is roomier, always packed when I go on friday about seven pm, and the flat screen tv is not shoved down your throat with the wonderful sandwiches, thanks to the additional space.