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Jun 10, 2009 05:22 AM

ISO quiet restaurant around 9th St and Fifth

I am meeting a French friend of mine for dinner on Friday night. She has a childhood hearing issue and too much ambient noise makes it difficult for her to understand what you are saying, plus adding that to the accent issue can make communicating tough. She is staying with a friend in that area, and wants to stay around there for dinner. We need a place that is not expensive, and I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Type of cusine is less important than ambiance.

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    1. re: notsochubbychubette

      Have you eaten there? It sounds as if there are service problems...

    2. How about: Tartine, good, or La Lanterna Caffe?

      1. i live over there...village should satisfy your ambiance needs...on 9th street closer to 6th ave.

        other ideas: elephant and castle on greenwich ave off 7th ave is solid for comfort food and classic american fare and very quiet in a good way.

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        1. re: sam1

          Is Village the name of the restaurant? OMG is Elephant and Castle still there? I used to eat lunch there all the time about 150 years ago!

        2. Danal is great, right on 5th around 12th I think - not quiet around brunch time, but I imagine for dinner it would be quiet, and awesome