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Jun 10, 2009 04:47 AM

Any outdoor clambake experiences in Charlestown?

We are planning a party for about 50 people close to Charlestown and have been looking into locations and caterers. Does anyone have any experience with clambakes around here? We have contacted Woodman's who has suggested the following sites: Marriott at Tudor Wharf, Commandant's House and Navy Yard.

The date will be in mid to late September and we would like something more on the casual than fancy side. Are they any other caterers you would suggest?

We have also toyed with the idea of having it at one of the restaurants in Charlestown, but I'm not sure that any of them would be able to hold 50 people on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in the fall.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. I know a couple who married in Charlestown and had a clambake on one of the islands! What about Tavern on the Water? It's a beautiful spot and I bet you'd be able to get 50 people there.

    1. The Commandant's House is a beautiful location. Not sure of the cost. Another idea: Right on one of the piers in the Navy Yard is the Courageous Sailing Center. They hold events there and even set up a tent at the end of the pier. Would be very informal and casual.
      The Navy Yard Bistro is an excellent restaurant in the Navy Yard that may be able to accomodate 50 people. They have an outdoor space that would be good for cocktails, and then your guests could have dinner inside.
      I live in the Navy Yard and am not a big fan of the Tavern on the Water, although it can't be beat for its location and views.

      1. You might check out

        They also have a list of event locations that might help:

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          I believe the only events Courageous have with the tents is their annual fundraiser. They don't rent out their space for outsiders to use. The Captains house in the Navy Yard is beautiful and available for rental but does have many restrictions.

          The Tavern on the Water, unless they have had a remarkable turnaround of chefs... the only great thing about the place is the view!

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            Sorry, misspoke earlier. I thought Ipswich was the company that will do a real on-site clambake, but that is apparently not the case any longer according to their website. Woodman's, maybe? There used to be a place that would do them if you could get a permit for a site where a fire was allowed. Anyone know who that was/is?

          2. I did a corporate event a while back with Rebecca's Cafe for catering (it was a casual clambake for 75+ salespeople) and they had the Constitution Museum as a location - it was a while back so they may not still have that as a location. We had stuff inside and outside and got a private tour which was pretty sweet. I mean its not Woodman's - but it was still pretty good.

            1. The original comment has been removed