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Jun 10, 2009 04:34 AM

“What's for dinner Part 3” ... a New Start


So... for those of us who really do enjoy reading this thread and get a lot out of the discussion as well as many of the ideas brought to the table ... I thought I would try a new start Part 3. I love getting new ideas and hearing about old favorites that we make.

I for one have got some great ideas from reading others ideas and dinner plans and tried some things I probably wouldn't of made without reading this thread.

So .. for those who want to take part in this, I look forward to hearing your dinner plans.

  1. Dinner tonight, inspired by a mix of posts but all that avacado talk got to me so I had to buy some at the market this weekend.

    A spicy cajun grilled shrimp, avacado (and maybe mango I have a couple of ripe ones) salad served over grilled polenta made with spicy peppers, scallions, and white cheddar. Cut in wedges after cooling, and lightly sauteed or grilled. My friend makes an amazing cajun seasoning from scratch. Nothing hard I know, but his is so good I never have to buy any. He just keeps refilling mine. And maybe a small arugula salad with the remaining 5 yellow pear tomatoes. They are all I have left and I hate that the season is over.

    1. Well above is my dinner tonight.

      However, dinner I am making for Dad as we speak in the oven is my smoked chicken (I gave him one) and then chopped and added some chopped shallot, and a bechemel sauce with sherry over wild rice . Added a few spears of asparagus and cracker crumbs and baked. I am taking a this home for tomorrow's dinner. One step ahead. Also making enough to put in a baggie to use for another dinner down the road. Maybe over a dumpling or biscuit one night.

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        Today was the 1st day of our farmer's market (Arlington, MA). The Fish Ladies were there, so I got some cod & have chowder started on my stove right now. I got some more greens since my garden has been picked thru (I just can't let those baby greens get big!) and some of the 1st strawberries of the season. I'll make a pound cake for the strawberries, too. Simple, but it smells dang good in my house right now :)

        1. re: tall sarah

          I'm jealous, I made chowder with grouper a few weeks ago and oh so good. My farmers market is only Sat am locally but I definitely look forward to it. Baby greens, mine are usually gone by Wed, I eat them too quick, lol. Enjoy your dinner. A little orange liquor is great with the berries or flavored vodka and drizzled with honey and walnuts. FYI, just forget the fish, just give me desert!!

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