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Jun 9, 2009 11:20 PM

Shamshiri Grill, Picanha, or Anarbagh

Hi, Everybody: I'm that 83 year old youngster who is back asking your help again. For those who may not remember, some time ago I sort of adopted as my heart grandchildren a single mother (age 50) and her two daughters (ages 26 and 22), and periodically i take them to dinner. Last time you suggested the Stonefire Grill in Studio City. That was for the mother's birthday. It was perfect, and they're still talking about it. Another time you were responsible for us having a fantastic meal, drinks and evening at Los Toros in Chatsworth. Another winner! Next monthy (July) we[ll be going to dinner again. I'd like your opinion on three restaurants that6 I've never been to, although I salivate over the cuisine. One is the Shamshiri Grill,k a Persian restaurant on Westwood boulevard in Westwood. The 2nd is a Brazilian Steakhouse, Picanha in Burbank. The 3rd is Anarbagh, an Indian restaurant on Ventura in West Hills. I'd deeply appreciate any heads-up you can offer regarding the food, the ambience, and the prices. A billion thanks in advance.

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  1. I know nothing about Anarbagh, but have been to both Shamshiri and Picanha. In my opinion, if you're choosing between the two, it's Shamshiri hands down. Shamshiri is one of my favorite restaurants. Their flavorings and cooking styles/times have been perfect and I find the place convivial and pleasant, whether for Sunday brunch or evening meal. They are also very reasonable. There are things on the menu to suit a variety of tastes and desires for spice or lack thereof. My absolute favorite is the lamb fesenjan, a fall-off-the-bone dish involving pureed walnuts and pomegranate molasses... it's hard to describe what this combo creates - basically a rich, tangy, scrumptious sauce. The rose ice cream dessert is not to be missed. They can draw a crowd so good to get tips on when to go for parking and no or minimal waiting.

    Picanha is a real meat market, by which I mean if everybody's low-carbing and has infinite tolerance for huge quantities of meat and can digest that, it's a place to go. They have a salad/other-food bar (nothing to shout about but not bad) and it's suited to larger parties. I do like the place, love meat, but don't feel it's so amazing that that's where I'd have to go for a fix.

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      Hi, Cinnamon: Many thanks for your superlartive review of Shamshiri Grill. By reading your words and thoughts I was able to enjoy the tastes. I was really being partial to Shamshiri because some time ago, one of the members sent me to another Persian restaurant, also on Westwood Boulevard, and it was magnificent (I don't remember the name.) I think you have made it very easy for me, and I appreciate it more than I can say.