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Last minute downtown LA help

LA hounders, I hope you can help me out! I am coming from the Bay Area, and am in LA just for the day tomorrow for a meeting. I have about an hour between when the meeting ends and when I need to head back to the airport (in the late afternoon) and I am hoping to pack some deliciousness in that hour. I will be near Olvera Street and the train station and without a car, so anything nearby is up fr grabs. I was hoping to have some great tacos in that time (especially potato tacos, since I haven't found them up here, and I have loved them in southern California), but I'm flexible, and up for whatever is great in that area. After a few searches, I've seen recommendations for Celito Lindo on Olvera, Phillippe, and Traxx. Any other recommendations (or arguments for either of those) will be much appreciated. A fantastic bakery in the area (or doughnut shop!) would also be delightful, if there is one.

I am usually not this last minute for chow, I had plans with a friend that fell through. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Philippe's. It's an LA institution. Not sure if any of the places on Olvera St. have potato tacos. La Golondrina might.

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      Potato tacos aren't a must, but I definitely want to try to find something that I can't find in the Bay Area.

      What do you love at Phillipe's?

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        get your sandwich double dipped. its amazing. a must is the mustard, and hitting up the candy-bar at the end. buy some mustard to take home, or at least get a shirt.

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          I've been going to Phillipe's since I was a little kid 40 years ago! I love the Beef Dip Sandwiches, the ladies behind the counter and the sawdust on the floor. It has been a few years since I've been and now I think I am definitely due for a road trip down from Santa Ynez!

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                I'm sure it's too late to help... lamb sandwich double dipped, side of cole slaw. Hands down.... no debate. Makes this 10 year OC resident nostalgic for downtown L.A. and sandwiches before Dodger games.

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                  This was going to be my suggestion as well. The other meats can be dry; lamb is the most moist. Get one double dipped to eat immediately and another dry w/mustard to take w/you. Cheap & yummy.


            1. Phillippe's for sure. Lamb sandwich and pie.

              1. For taquitos, go to Rodolfo's at Olvera Street, it's better than Celito Lindo.

                1. That would place you pretty close to Little Tokyo - get a cab for the 2 minute drive to Frances Bakery in Honda Plaza (corner of 2nd & Alameda) - grab a quick slice of their sublime souffle cheesecake and a coffee. The Aloha Cafe next door is quite good for Hawaiian fare. Also, if you have time, hit Sushi Gen (warning: there might be a wait).

                  If you're in L.A. on Thursday btwn 6PM-9PM, you might be able to hit the Kogi Taco truck at 1st & Central (very close to Union Station).

                  Happy chowing.

                  1. http://www.senorfishla.com/
                    from olvera street is about 4 blocks, 2 min. cab ride, it's on 1st street and alameda ! i can not believe no body suggest that ... and if you have more time that whole area you got all the J town restaurants, shops.. honda plaza etc..

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                      1st and Alameda is only three blocks from Union Station. It's not a pleasant walk (noisy because you cross the 101 freeway) but a cab certainly isn't needed. Senor Fish is tasty enough, though I still plump for Philippe's. :)

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                        Senor Fish is geographically close, but not great for food, in my opinion.

                      2. Walk to Olvera Street and get an order of taquitos at La Noche Buena as an appetizer and then keep going to Philippe's as most other people here have suggested. It's not to be missed.

                        1. Thanks, all! Went to Phillippes, got the lamb sandwich double dipped, with some of the mustard on the side. Then, while walking with it to Union Station to catch my airport shuttle, I stopped at Celito Lindo and got two taquitos (good, but the sauce was the best part, I only ate one and a half). The sandwich I saved for the ride to the airport, and it was delicious, and the lamb was so moist. I love that mustard, I only wish that I could have bought a jar to bring home with me (stupid airline regulations), but I did manage to smuggle on the rest of my little jar that they gave me. I'm only sad that I didn't see the recommendation to get a second dry sandwich in time; that would have been a delightful lunch for tomorrow.

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                            You made a fine choice. Hope you can stay in town longer on your next trip to L.A. -- it is a great place, and there is SO much good food to be had.