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Jun 9, 2009 10:14 PM

everyday coffee

what is the coffee that you buy for home everyday drinking? brand? type?

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  1. I usually get either Starbucks -from their stores, not the megamart- and/or Whole Foods. Our every day combo is 3/4 of the freshest dark roast (usually French) and 1/4 of the freshest medium roast (usually Sumatra), and we grind the blend at home. I can't drive, so I have to go where it's convienient.

    1. Barrington Coffee Roasters: Italian Roast...... hands down the BEST coffee I have ever had. freshly roasted in small quantities. They ship all over as well.

      Barrington Coffee
      165 Quarry Hill Rd, Lee, MA

      1. Costco Kirkland brand roasted by Starbucks.

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          Good to know! I now purchase Peet's, and love it, but initially paid more for Starbuck's. Since I am a frequent Costco customer, will be sure to buy their brand since it is a lot cheaper.
          Do you recommend one type of Kirkland coffee?

          1. re: ginael

            I use the whole beans that come in a vacum sealed bag. 2# for less than $12. If you don't have a grinder most of the stores here have one at the front of the store by the check outs.

            1. re: Fritter

              I will have to try that out.

              Do you find there's a huge difference between whole beans and already grounded beans?

              1. re: ginael

                Yes I prefer whole beans. I do grind mine daily but even if I ground them at the store I would still buy whole bean. Just be sure to set the dial to the proper grind for how you are making your coffee. If you need help just ask as you check out.
                I picked up a Cuisinart bean grinder a few years back at Costco ($25) that has a hopper on top and you can set it to grind up to 18 cups of beans at a time but the grind setting takes a little fiddling with to get used to.
                Costco does sell Kirkland brand coffee in 3# cans for like $8 but I don't think that's a Starbucks product.

                1. re: Fritter

                  The biggest single thing one can do to improve their coffee, no matter how it is brewed is to grind just before brewing. Coffee starts to go stale immediately after grinding. (think white bread sitting out of the wrapper)

                  1. re: chipman

                    Why then do so many (majority?) of coffees come ground? I agree roasting then grinding and making coffee as soon as you can gives the best results, but how bad is a freshly opened bag of coffee?
                    I buy Starbucks both ground and whole beans. I'm not sure I can tell the difference. How does stale affect taste?

                    1. re: Scargod

                      Oxidation is you enemy. Coffee that tastes stale doesn't have the intensity of the coffee flavor and can develop off tastes because in fact, it is turning rancid. If you can't taste it, you can't taste it - who cares? But most people will taste the difference between the bottom of the can of Folgers and the freshly opened can.

                      Vacuum packing takes care of the oxidation, so pre-ground and then vacuum packed is almost as good as fresh ground. In order to keep coffee fresh, whether whole bean or pre-ground, vacuum pack it - use the vacuum canisters or ball jar adapter with your Foodsaver.

                      The absolute best coffee is "fresh roasted" as well as fresh ground. Except that fresh roasted coffee needs to de-gas - so it's actually best to let your fresh roasted coffee rest for 24-48 hours before grinding and making coffee out of it. But every second that the coffee is allowed to oxidize after roasting, you lose flavor and increase rancidity. Whole beans last a lot longer because only the surface of the bean is thusly affected.

                    2. re: chipman

                      Well, I've tried all sorts of freshly ground and freshly roasted. But I really like a newly-opened can of preground Italian coffee (Lavazza or Illy) preferentially to everything I've had (except this one place in Connecticut). Ideally, you could grind the Illy, but at least for the flavor profile I look for in coffee, the Lavazza preground is trumping pretty much everything else.

                      We go through the cans pretty fast. I wouldn't want coffee that had sat around in a bag for any length of time... actually ground or not. I agree stale is a dealkiller.

                      1. re: Cinnamon

                        You like Lavazza you should mail order it by the case. Shipping is very reasonable. 12 cans $72+ shipping ($5.95 for local shipping in LA).


                        1. re: monku

                          Thanks - that's a nice price for the Oro!

          2. My local Publix in Florida now carries Dunkin Donuts original blend, medium roast. I avoid Starbucks; I abhor their culture and cult.

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                1. re: littlebites

                  TJ's Double Dark Sumatra, TJ's Low Acid French Roast, and Timothy's San Lorenzo Dark

              1. re: Veggo

                Publix brand, Eight OClock and Dunkin. Starbucks ... Can't stand the place, can't stand the coffee. Beans and I do grind myself always.

                1. re: kchurchill5

                  See if your Publix carries or will stock Community Coffee for you. It's in their warehouse. Most of the Publix's, Piggly Wiggly's, etc. in the panhandle stock it and a few others do to. It's a good product and is economical. They still sell a 16 ounce bag of their traditional roasts for six bucks.

                  1. re: bkhuna

                    Thx I will. I know the manager and have ordered a few items and he can usually get them for me. I know Piggly's from WI and other places. I love good coffee don't get me wrong, but a good cup of Joe is the am can be a good Eight O clock or Publix brand. I'm not that picky, Fresh ground and a descent brand is fine for me. Definitely calling tomorrow. Thx

                    1. re: kchurchill5

                      I hear ya'. I like the taste of good coffee but can't see >$10/lb on designer brands.

                      I pay $5.98 a bag for Peet's. If I had to pay retail for it, I probably would only have it on hand for special occasions.

              2. Laurentis espresso beans, dark roast. the world doesn't exist until i've had my 3 shots of triple espresso [which i make myself with my Gaggia Classic] :p