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Jun 9, 2009 09:33 PM

Good Chinese Takeout in Edmonton?

My fiance and I just moved to Edmonton from Toronto. In Toronto we loved ordering chinese takeout from a place called Ho Lee Chow- they had great egg rolls and my fiance loved their Chicken Fried Rice. We live in Clareview area of Edmonton and we'd love to find a new go-to place for our Chinese food (cause you know there's some nights where nothing else will do!). Anyone have any recommendations for a place? Delivery is a bonus but we're also willing to pick it up!

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  1. My very favorite Chinese in Edmonton is Old Szechuan on 107 Ave near 102 St. or so. They do take-away. Very authentic, very spicy if you lean that way.

    1. In Clareview, if you don't want to go too far, I would try Wok N Roll or Good Buddy - both relatively close but Wok N Roll is the closest.

      1. I used to order from Wing's on Victoria Trail, but had a bad experience over the Canada Day break. Wok N Roll is OK.

        There is a takeout place in the shopping centre on Victoria Trail and 137 avenue that was pretty good. But I can't remember seeing it the last time I was there.

        There is a pan-Asian place (mixed Chinese - Viet-Thai) in the centre where East Side Mario's is that had great soups and noodle dishes. Really liked the spicy soup that seemed mostly Thai in its flavour.

        But the best Chinese and Viet places on the northside are in the Avenue of Nations are - roughly 101 street to 96 st, between 103 ave and 107 Ave. I really like the little place above the Garden Bakery. Great value. But they only take cash.

        1. Ho Ho's in HUB at the University of Alberta. Great tasting & huge portions for your money. There's a reason why Ho Ho's has a huge lineup between class changes.

          Note: what I just said applies only to stuff ordered off the menu, not the combo foods under the heating lamps ;)

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            Not sure they'd want to drive for an hour (depending on traffic) and then have to pay for parking when they could go to Chinatown instead (half hour drive). Unless they were taking the LRT or already are on campus, it's not very convenient.

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              Didn't care to really read the OP's post =p

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                Ho Lee Chow is typical bad westernized Chinese food. Sorry..

                1. re: taiphun

                  I've never even heard of Ho Lee Chow. I'm talking about Ho Ho's on campus at the UofA. Maybe I should take a picture for you when school starts up again.

                  1. re: dingmah

                    the OP is talking about HO LEE CHOW.

          2. For all you Edmontonians, Ho-Lee-Chow is a chain that is akin to they still have Lydo in Edmonton? or something similar

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              '4 2 6 5-0 5-0 If you're hungry, call the Lydo, free delivery' Ha ha. I remember that radio ad like it was yesterday. No, they are long since closed.