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Jun 9, 2009 09:17 PM

Henry's in Monrovia

Today we got a flyer announcing the grand opening of a new TJ's/Fresh and Easy/Whole Foods type place called Henry's in Monrovia next week, June 17. The pictures and descriptions look and sound tempting. I understand this is a chain - does anyone have any input about them? Thanks!

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  1. There's one in Fullerton and one in Costa Mesa; it's a SD-based chain owned by Smart & Final (formerly owned by Whole Foods before being spun off in 2007). I like it for many things -- it has some of the earth muffiny stuff WFM has at much lower prices, the produce is usually OK, the meat is fine (but avoid the fish, which is not good in either location).

    It's definitely not a TJ's type place though, so don't go in expecting TJ's type stuff.

    1. Not really impressed by the Henry's Marketplace in Chino Hills, the meat is nothing to write home about, the seafood is just OK, produce was not inspiring, and who cares if they have bins and bins of seeds or shelves and shelves of "natural supplements".

      1. We have a Henry's near us here in San Pedro. It's a bit of a cross between a Whole Foods and a standard grocery store. They sell both organic and non-organic items. Henry's have really great specials on produce and their bulk bins are great, I'm a fan of their short grain brown rice in this section. The meat/butcher section is great, I've gotten some pretty tasty chicken sausages from here. The bakery area has some fairly decent bread and muffins. The deli is so/so, but I have liked their soup from the soup bar the few times I've tried it. The beer selection is pretty decent and their wine area is just ok (You're better off going to TJ's IMO).

        Their price on Broguiere's milk is a deal. It's approx $1.50+$1.00 bottle deposit.