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Jun 9, 2009 08:16 PM

New Restaurant Review: Garrido's

New and terrific. Located in the Austin 360 building at 3rd and Nueces. The atmosphere is lovely, with a gorgeous deck on Shoal Creek and a spacious, modern interior.

The food was delightful, plentiful, and reasonably priced. We had the mixed green salad ($4.25) which was large and tasty, with plantain chips, queso fresca, some chopped watermelon, etc. Really good.

Then an appetizer of shrimp tostaditos. Four large shrimp with a mango salsa, each on it's own little tostada. Very nice ($6-ish).

There is a limited selection of main courses. Mostly soft tacos ($7 to 10 or so) with chicken or beef or fish or pork or mushrooms. Served with black beans and green rice. All very, very flavorful.

Splendid chips and hot sauce ($1.50 with free refills).

I know this sounds like a puff piece, but I love Mexican Food and find most of what Austin has to offer to be pretty awful. This place wowed us with every mouthful. The chef (David Garrido) has given each dish his own spin (like anise in the black beans) to wonderful effect.

We finished with the squash cake. Just amazing. Do not miss it.

The menu is in transition, and more will be added soon. I suggest trying this place now, while you can still get a table. It was already nearly full tonight, and it has only been open 5 days.

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  1. Hi Travis, nice to see you around. I haven't seen too many of your posts of late. It's good to see a face from Chowhound's past.

    Limited main courses mostly featuring tacos? That's very unexpected. Is that the part of the menu they will be expanding? I've been skeptical of Garrido's based on too many "modern" Mexican places within a half mile but given your review we'll have to check it out soon.

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      Thanks Carter B. I haven't posted much 'cause I'm in kind of a rut, eating at all the old favorites when I'm in town.

      I believe Garrido's is having a "soft" opening. Did I mention that the service was friendly and attentive?

      I know what you mean about all the new places, just the name "Cantina Laredo" has put me off trying the place.

      Try sunset on the patio of Garrido's and the ambience alone will make you want to return.

    2. David Garrido used to be the head chef of Jeffrey's for a long time, so this should be interesting.

      1. glad to see a review. when checking out the menu, i was pleasantly surprised at the price points. i had assumed this was going to be another through-the-roof mexican place a-La Condesa. i would totally try it based on the affordability. i'm curious about the fried oyster tostadas since there is a jeffrey's relation.

        1. thank you for your report. I am very skeptical about yet another upscale Mexican joint in town (leave Fonda San Miguel be!) Anyway, I have high expectations because Garrido is behind this. Very much looking forward to trying for myself. Encourage other Chowhounders to report. Please don't oust me, but compared to other city's boards, we are a little weak, and I am very much to blame.

          1. The original comment has been removed