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Jun 9, 2009 08:16 PM

Help!!I need sushi, Thai, and vegan help in Portland!

I will be in Portland over the next weekend (June 12-15) and I have a few meals out to plan to keep some very different people happy. It's been about 10 years since I last lived in PDX so I have no idea where to go for the best stuff.

I need to find a good sushi place for Friday night, a good Thai place for Saturday, and a good vegan bakery cake (or some other sort of celebratory baked good) for Saturday also.

And if anyone has a recommendation for a nice place to go for a great martini - that would totally make my day...

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  1. - vegan bakery (can't vouch for it, personally but I see their goods all about town


    hiroshi - sushi

    pok pok - thai/se asian (check out the menu to see if it really meets your needs - it doesn't have a typical thai menu)

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      black sheep's muffins are really good. most of their baked goods are really good (but not everything they make is vegan).

    2. Sweet Pea Bakery is all vegan and makes good sweet stuff too.

      Hiroshi makes really good sushi, another place that I like is Zilla on Alberta.