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New Restaurants - MSP?

My wife and I had our third child last spring and have out of the restaurant loop for almost year. Now that we're able to get a sitter it's time to see what we've been missing. Looking for great food & wine, along the lines of 112 or the Craftsman.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Alma, jfood's favorite, when mrs jfood finally joins him on one of his trips this is a must for the two of them.

    1. I'm trying to think about the last year. Russell Klein's Meritage (in the old A Rebours space in downtown St. Paul) would have been newish then, no? Have you been there yet? Their sidewalk seating on a warm summer evening is very charming.

      Speaking of summer, is it coming back anytime soon? Golly, where did it go. I have my list of restaurants with patios that I need to visit before the season is out and I am not making any progress at all.


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        Jfood absolutely agrees with DQ and Meritage. Klein is a great chef and his wife tends the restaurant. When jfood ate there a few months ago it was slow and he had a nice conversation with both. Really liked the place and the owners.

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          Jfood is thinking of Hells Kitchen tonight. Worth the trip?

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            Only for breakfast, in my opinion. I don't know if they serve breakfast at dinner hour, but if it's something you'd consider, you might call them and ask.


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                If they do serve breakfast (I bet they do, since it's what they're known for), go for the huevos rancheros and/or the lemon ricotta pancakes.

        2. Porter & Frye (haven't been, and haven't heard recent reviews. Early reports were good.).
          Nick & Eddie (I've had mixed experience, but others seem to rave. Haven't been there since the refugees of other fine restaurants have surfaced there).

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            jfood really enjoyed nick and eddies a few weeks ago and when he posted a review others had very different experiences. you may want to check the other thread.

          2. Tosca -it's almost put my terrible Nick and Eddie's experience out of my mind.

            1. I've been trying to figure out for the last ten minutes what the hell "MSP" means. Please enlighten!

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                It means Minneapolis. It also the airport code for the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.

                Hope that helps!

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                  MSP is the airport for Minneapolis-St. Paul.

                  On the Midwest board especially, useful discussion titles include a location: a city, metro region or airport code help readers skim the topic list for local threads, and inquiries get better responses.

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                    That's funny.


                    MSP (Minneapolis St. Paul) D (Dave)

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                      That's funny. I always assumed you were a cop.

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                        I get that question pretty often.

                  2. I second the recommendation for Tosca in SW Mpls. Just opened in April. Only been there once. Food and wine was delicious, service good, prices reasonable. They have a few tables outside on the sidewalk well.

                    1. You really haven't missed much.

                      Two new places soon to open are Sea Change (name tentative), formerly Cue in the Guthrie by McKee/Thoma, the fellows behind LBV, Solera and several other local restaurants; and 508 (name tentative), in the old Babalu space from Isaac & Nancy at 112 Eatery. If you can hold out a few weeks, I presume these will be the two biggest things to happen in the last year.

                      Other than that, people seemed to have been really excited about Sonic last year ;)

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                      1. re: Foureyes137

                        Where did you read about the name change? last i heard it was going to be called Red Herring (i think sea change is substantially better).

                        does the impending opening of the second brasa location count?

                          1. re: tex.s.toast

                            Let's just say I am connected to these restaurants in some way (not directly). Those that decide appear to go between Red Herring (terrible name for a restaurant that ACTUALLY serves seafood) and Sea Change. Next week it may be Red Herring again.

                            1. re: Foureyes137

                              Thanks FireRev i must have missed that one - and Foureyes - im sure random internet input isnt going to sawy anyone, but i am with you my first, visceral, reaction to hearing the name Red Herring was outright disgust.

                        1. Barrio - Also a McKee spot. I personally haven't eaten a bite of food there yet - but the bar is lively and fun and the food that passed by to other people looked great. Solid service as well.

                          The "new" Manny's

                          I've attempted to visit the new spot in the Block E hotel - can't think of the name of the hotel - but the old Meridian. Bradstreet Crafthouse - looks interesting for food and drinks. but timing and location has not worked out.

                          1. If you held some affection for D'Amico Cucina when you were in the restaurant loop pre-child, perhaps you might want to return there before it closes at the end of the month?