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Jun 9, 2009 06:28 PM

Vail and the Eagle River Valley this Summer

Looks like many of the “mud season” deals are staying around this summer. Both the established Vail Daily and the upstart Mountaineer (local daily newspapers) have lot’s of ads with interesting food offerings. The locals restaurants have finally figured out they need to be more reasonable in their pricing, without screwing up what they serve.

Besides Bravo music festival (Dallas, Philadelphia and NY symphonies, plus dance), the one event I’m willing to spend bucks on every year is the Larkspur Wine University. Kevin Futado, wine guy at Larkspur, runs very interactive and fun session about the “grape of the night” every Thursday. The wines he pours are terrific. The schedule is on the Larkspur web site:

Besides, this spring has been very wet, so the wild flowers should be killer.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! We have been to Avondale a couple of times during this mud season, as well as the always-fabulous Dish. Have wanted to check out some of the other offerings like Juniper (which always seems to be closed when we're there). I wonder if the hotels will continue offering great rates this summer.

    Any deals that sound particularly appealing?

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      Looks like every place has deals, restaurants and hotels. Don't pay the rack rate, negotiate. The deals will probably remain until August, at least. Avondale has been running 30% of the entire check. Spago had a reopening last Friday night with great prices for one night, proceeds going to a local charity, 300 people took advantage. And Larkspur is running 50% off on wines. Juniper is 25% off on food and 10% off on wine (I don't think 10% gets it done) Sunday through Thursdays.

      One deal I'm going to try is "Paella Night" at Splendido for $24. They also have a theater special before 6:15 and after 9:00, 25% off the check.

    2. Noticed in the Sunday Vail Daily that Larkspur has a deal going with all appetizers $10 and all entrees $25. Also some deal on the wine, but I don't remember what it was. They often have 50% off the entire wine list. (They should!)

      1. Just found out last night that Avondale is doing 2 for 1 Sunday Brunch Buffet so a friend and I will join other friends for it today. I usually hesitate with buffets but I'm looking forward to this one.

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