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Jun 9, 2009 05:45 PM

Good private party (luncheon) options?

Hi all,

I'm planning a bridal shower for 20-30 people this summer and would love some suggestions for restaurants. I'd prefer to have it in the east/west village or the lower east side. We'll need a private room (inside) with a nice atmosphere, delicious food and some yummy wine, but nothing that breaks the bank.

Sorry for the cross-posting -- my first choice was to find a spot in Brooklyn, so I posted this in the Outer Boroughs section, but I haven't gotten any suggestions.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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  1. Freemans (they have a private room called the Green Room that's up to 20, or you can buy out the Tavern Room)
    Jane (private room downstairs, seats up to 40)
    'inoteca (downstairs room, seats up to 26)
    Blue Ribbon Bakery (they can seat bigger groups downstairs, I wonder if they could give you an entire wing to yourselves, there's a lot of little alcoves)
    Stanton Social (have an upstairs bar/lounge area that can be used, too)
    The Smith (private room downstairs, seats up to 60)
    Spitzer's Corner (no reservations, though I wonder if you could potentially grab the back room)
    Tia Pol (up to 25)
    Public (they can curtain off one big table which is in its own section but can only seat 20)
    Alice's Tea Cup
    Park Ave Spring (aka Park Avenue Summer aka Park Avenue Fall aka Park Avenue Winter)
    Market Table
    Chinatown Brasserie (multiple private rooms)
    Dovetail (sherry cellar)
    Telepan (private room)

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      Wow - thanks for the great suggestions!