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Jun 9, 2009 05:38 PM

Weekday Dinner Review: Chef Guru

Weekday evening. Like rest of the week I have no energy to cook and deadlines impending. Boyfriend offers to run for some takeout from this absurdly named place (someone once thought this was another Mike Myers flick). One vegetarian thali, one fried fish curry, two samosas and the total is 20 bucks if I heard it right.

Nans are not good. They taste and feel like they are from a grocery store. You know one of those Memoirs of Galen Weston thingamajigs in a shrink wrap? But the rice is niice and fluffy and comes in a bounty.

Fish curry includes lightly battered and fried fish and two pieces of shrimp swimming in a warm curry. Not bad. Actually too bad because this is what the boyfriend has ordered for himself. I am allowed to eat only a few bites, not enough to finish deconstructing the dish.

My thali is just OK. The saag paneer gets boring, even though this is normally one of my favorite dishes. The spices don't sing, and the paneer (if I can find it, there are only a few pieces in the mound) is nothing special. Chole is much much better, more balanced but my eyes are still on the fish curry.

The samosas arrive home cold, but I am not sure how they got cold over the short trip; it feels like they were fried a while ago. I can see that they would be pretty decent if they were freshly fried. Nice spices, slightly oily but good crust.

We were informed there was some sort of "Indian" fish and chips with spices in the batter, but today they weren't available. I am intrigued.

The place is halal, but there are pictures of nekkid people on the walls, so beware. Boyfriend says, considering his expectations based on the name and the logo, "this is not bad at all". Not bad, really, for those times when I cannot make it to the Parc Ex this will just do it. My belly is full, my deadline awaits me.

4120 boulevard Saint-Laurent

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  1. Great review, and "You know one of those Memoirs of Galen Weston thingamajigs in a shrink wrap?" made me LMAO. Thanks.

    1. I like this place, if only because it's cheap and I don't know a better Indian resto in the area. Your impression of the samosas is spot on. Had you been the one to go in, the samosas clearly just sit under a heat lamp until ordered and have probably been there since lunch timeish.