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Jun 9, 2009 04:55 PM

real bbq beef ribs in the Triangle?

I realize this is the South, home of the pig, but there has got to be at least one place within about an hour or so of Raleigh that has good ol' fashioned beef spare ribs. I had beef short ribs at Holy Smokes Barbecue in Raleigh a few weeks ago which were good but completely did not satiate my longing for real slow roasted barbecue beef ribs (long bones, not short) with some serious char. I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talking about. I would settle even for a chain restaurant if I had to but it seems like they too only will sell pork ribs. Help please!

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  1. have you tried backyard bbq in durham?

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      you are awesome! i just checked out their website and apparently they sell them on Thursdays and Fridays only. I do believe I will be making a pilgrimage there this week. Thank you so much! Once again, Chowhounds come through (and in record time)!

      1. re: Erika RollerGirl

        I don't think they are quite what you are looking for though. They aren't the Texas-style big beef ribs. The ones I saw there were cut in cross sections. But give 'em a try. You may like it.

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          Cooking beef ribs at home is pretty easy. Cooks Illustrated had a great recipe for Texas-style beef ribs in the July 2004 issue.

          Warning: To view the recipe, you need to join for a free 14 day trial.

      2. The Palace International in Durham on Broad St. also has beef ribs with a nice sweet flavor. They were the longest ribs I've ever had - it was kinda hard to eat the things but they were delicious. They have oxtails too in a similar sauce, which are a bit easier to handle.

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          Don' t they serve primarily African cuisine? I keep meaning to try that place.