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Jun 9, 2009 04:30 PM

need catering questions answered

If I have 10 lbs. of raw shrimp what is the weight after cooking? Also are there books on catering that are considered the 101 or "Bibles" in the food industry?

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  1. Question, why do you want to know, what are you doing with it. What is the count and what type of shrimp. It isn't a ABC question. Lots of variables. I cater but need much more info here.

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      Agreed! is the raw shelled, unshelled, heads on, heads off? LOTS of questions.

      1. re: kchurchill5

        16-20 or 21-25, boiled, frozen then thawed, specific type unknown

        1. re: blender

          shelled tails on, heads off-bought from restaurant depot

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            I'm guessing but it will be close to 9 or more pounds. I could be off. I'm guessing accordingly to just some general info I have gathered. Why do you need to know?

            Also, there are many books on catering, I don't have a one because they are vary useless to me. Catering becomes very specialized. There is no rule of thumb. Every event, every party, every wedding, dinner is different. Your guests, the type of food the guests tastes all dictate what will happen and what you should make. Also catering an outside party for me in FL is much different then someone in CT or Maine etc or MI. Do you have particular questions you are looking answers too? When catering ... kids, no kids some kids, adults, female vs male (yes it makes a difference). What were once considered bibles of the food industry are no longer, or they may be but I don't like them. They are out dated for times, styles and what we do for catering today.

            I do burger parties, lobster pots and formal dinners. But you certainly did see anything about slider burger parties in those books or lobster pots in banana leaves cooked on the beach.

            It really depends on the info you are looking for. It if is conversions and amounts, there is no such thing that I have ever found reliable. Too many variables.

        2. Ten pounds of the shrimp you describe sauteed or baked will be pretty darn close to 10 pounds. If you were boiling them they might pick up a couple ounces. If you sautee them dry they'll lose a couple ounces.

          Kim is right. there are LOTS of catering books that are very vague and general and not much help to those of us who do these things.

          There are a couple of Guidelines that are much more useful to us than books - like the number of bites per person per hour for appetizers in different situations. Or the list of how much of certain foods to make for 100 people; or the catering bartenders guide to how much of what kind of booze to buy/serve for given size parties. Or the guide on how to price events.

          Don't even think of Home Catering without getting the proper licenses, insurance, and real training (not just reading a couple books); else you'll have a 98% chance of failure instead of just an 80% chance of losing your shirt.

          Ken Hulme, The Kilted Cook
          Member: United States Personal Chef Association