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Jun 9, 2009 04:26 PM

Restaurant Bar et Boeuf

Hey there MTL chows. Has anyone been to this place across the street (kind of) from Holder? It lookd gorgeous from the outside (okay, so when I drive by during the day, it seems to look really nice inside) and I was just wondering if anyone has been and can recommend or warn away from this place. I know they have the chef from Le Local, which is a good thing, as I enjoyed the food there (Le Local) but wouldn't go back because of the horrendous service.

Website looks interesting.


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    1. re: jarschef

      Thanks, I read the reviews on line - but I was hoping for a fellow chow's opinion.

      1. re: jarschef

        It's not a review. As Chef Deck says, he's not going to review a comped meal(he dined there, at the invitation of the restaurant). Give credit to Chef Deck, for being upfront.

      2. Voir's Gildas Meneu also reviewed the place (in French):
        I am not sure I trust a review done merely one month after the restaurant's opening, though...

        1. Thought I'd add some tasting notes from friends who ate there last night (1/19/10). They had the five course tasting menu:

          A few misses (things too cold (the tomatoes) or undercooked (the risotto), but they definitely are trying very hard and given that we dined early on a Tues night, its hard to expect flawless food. Still the staff was very nice and very into the food, and the wine pairings were quite nice.

          1) Mozzarella foam with heirloom plum(?) tomatoes. Not exactly tomato season here. The foam was really nice though - firm but not overpowering.
          2) Tuna tartare which was really great with a mushroom puree that was very inventive. All paired with a piece of rare tuna that seemed somewhat out of place.
          2) Fois gras with gingerbread (seems to be the rage these days, doesn't it?)
          3) Risotto (undercooked) but with mushrooms and squash it tasted good. Plus a popcorn frog leg, which was cute.
          4) Boeuf. Nice and rare but with a typical mix of root vegetables.
          5) almond financier with grapefruit sorbet.

          Bar & Boeuf
          500 McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y2H6, CA