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Jun 9, 2009 04:04 PM

Looking for a good steak chimichurri

Hi, anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant with a good flank steak chimichurri?

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  1. I haven't been yet (it's on the long list of go-tos)....but maybe someone else has tried the Argentinian restaurant, Tango? It's on Mass Ave in Arlington.

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      It's the only thing I've found acceptable on the menu of the Border Cafe in Harvard Square, but their chimichurri steak is actually quite good.

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        I have tried it at Tango, and it is very good, though I'm sensing a downhill alert here (a few people I know have said the place isn't as good as it once was).

      2. Abe and Louies and their sister restaurant The Coach Grille in Wayland offer they steaks with a 4 or 5 different sauce condiments. I've had the Chimichurri and it was very good. I would assume one could also get the Chimi sauce at lunch or brunch (which would offer a more reasonable price tag !)

        1. The carne asada at Angela's Cafe is a grilled sirloin done with a decent chimichurri, and comes with a great side of rajas con crema.

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            Had this last night at Angela's - this dish along with everything else was quite good. The small guac came in the mortar dish (there was a past debate about that) - good and limey and salty. DC's chicken was outstanding - huge piece of boneless white meat - I know there have been crits (and I have personally experienced) saying the meats can be overcooked at times, but this was perfect, and fork tender. A few people there, but we were the only ones when we arrived ~7pm on a Wed. night. Nice re-design on the signage outside tells me not to worry...

          2. I made some at home Sunday night. I should have invited you.
            My recipe for the chimi is not really Argentinian, but it seems to work and I got a great couple of bunches of Parsley at the farmers market on Saturday so that's how it went.

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              I like it a lot and make it pretty regularly..great with a skirt steak. here's an easy recipe.