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Jun 9, 2009 03:17 PM

Where can I find a whole pig in Seattle?

I want something around 40 - 50 pounds. And I don't have a fortune to spend on a fancy butcher in Pike Place. Does anyone know of a farm that is within a hour's drive? I want to BBQ Filipino style - Lechon. Thanks!

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  1. Farmer George (Actually a traveling butcher/bricks and mortar meat market..)in Port Orchard can fix you up with fresh. I have bought whole pigs and whole lambs from him before.
    Good Luck
    Farmer George phone +1 360-876-3186

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      I agree with Farmer George, not sure how much they mark it up, but they can get it. My family; Uncle and two sons worked there for years. My Uncle makes all the sausages. He is Filipino and goes to Seattle to pick it up, where I paid about $80, some people pay way to much. Call 360-876-3186 and ask for Felix, he can tell you where to pick it up yourself in Seattle and you can save the upcharge. You can get the pig dressed and cooked Hawaiian or PI style, gavy comes with it...yumm, now I want some!

    2. You can also try Cascioppo Brothers in Ballard (call them as they no longer do retail out of the front). They sell them for 3 or 4 dollars a pound I belive. I just saw one go out the door for around 200 dollars....

      1. Also in Ballard is Better Meats, they can get you a whole pig.

        1. Try Bob's Quality Meats in Columbia City. James (the owner) deals with family farms (no industrially raised meats). My Cuban friend bought pigs from him and swears that Bob's sells the best he's been able to find in Seattle. His prices are reasonable to boot.