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Jun 9, 2009 02:30 PM

Home Milk Delivery in Westchester

Has anyone ordered from Hudson Milk Company or any other local milk delivery companies? I have been buying local milk at Whole Foods but am thinking about ordering for bi-weekly delivery and would appreciate any comments on quality, taste, customer service, and cost.

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  1. You might want to try Meadowbrook Farms. They are outside of Albany and they used to do door to door deliveries as far south as Manhattan. They are in Clarksville, NY and they have product in glass bottle which is incredible and used to be real cream top milk They also do chocolate milk that from what I remember was like a chocolate shake, egg nog during the holidays was great, not overly sweet and visible spices floating in the nog....the cream of course is great.

    1. Try Starlight Dairy
      work (914) 243-0069

      Old fashioned glass bottles, metal old fashioned milk box, very reliable service, family owned. Been using them for many years now

      1. hey, I work at hudson milk. we have fantastic farm fresh milk in glass bottles from an upstate family farm. they have jersey and holstein cows (jerseys give richer, creamier milk). they treat their cows like family and grow their own feed, and don't use hormones etc. try it, I guarantee it's the absolute best milk around (and only $3.75)

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          oops, I just read the "posting etiquette" and didn't realize I should not post any opinion or prices, didn't mean to advertise, just answering the first poster. sorry.