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Jun 9, 2009 02:27 PM

Private Kitchens - Vanc


For the past few years, there's been an increasing interest in private kitchens especially in cities like Hong Kong. Just wondering if there's one here in Vancouver. A few years ago, I had heard that Marnie (I think that's her name) who worked with Rob Feenie was offering this service but I searched for a couple years but found nothing.

For those who aren't familiar, basically it's a chef or person who is very passionate about food. Most times they'll try to grow the vegetables, catch their own fish or source their food organically and locally and the menu is based on what the chef's mood that day. I guess it's similar concept to the Sooke House or Zen but the scale is much smaller. They usually serve no more than 8 people from their own home.

If anyone has a good lead, let me know. Thanks!

  1. There was just a Chowdown in one of these....but "we can't talk about Fight Club" ;-)

    gourmet_wife: go here and join:

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      What????!!!!! another you know how hard it is to memorize all these passwords and loging names with aging???? ;-)

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        fmed: I've checked out the vanchow site, thank you. What I guess I'm after is more details on the chef, the type of food (not just photos). I'm the type that's curious to know what is offered before heading down. Yes I know I can call 12B's number but I want feed back from others. Plus there must be more private dining out there.

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          I pointed you there because the moderators prefer that underground dining establishments not be discussed specifically on Chowhound:

          A previous thread on 12B was pulled for that reason.

          And yes....there are more places like this. (I know of at least two others in the same vein and there are probably quite a number of Asian ones as well).

      2. Sorry, but for reasons that fmed pointed to, we do not allow discussions of underground restaurants. We'd be really bummed if we were responsible for a place getting shut down because their information was broadcasted here. Feel free to trade that information privately amongst yourselves via email etc.