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Jun 9, 2009 02:20 PM

ISO: korean bbq for a group

its my boyfriend's birthday and i'd like to take a group of our friends (about 10 people including us) for korean bbq. usually i'd go to soot bull jeep but i doubt 10 of us will fit.

looking to spend about $25pp (not including drinks) and its for a sunday night. location is flexible (around LA or the SFvalley preferred).

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  1. Based on your criteria, I'd opt for either Soowon Galbi, or SaRitGol.

    1. I've gone with a group around that size (maybe bigger even) to Tahoe Galbi in Koreatown. It around $18/person for all you can eat.

      1. Check out the new place Road to Seoul. I just reviewed it here:

        It's very spacious and clean and they have private rooms as well that I think you can just reserve. Great AYCE options for $17 and w/ beers and tip only costs us 24/pp.

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          I'll second the recommendation. Road to Seoul is my favorite AYCE place in K-town right now. Get the pork neck.

        2. Try Gui Il Bun Ji. I was there with a group of 12 and they sat us in a semi "private" area. Good all you can eat for $16.99 last time i checked.
          3055 W 7th St Ste C
          Los Angeles, CA 90010
          (213) 380-6606

          1. our favorite, thanks to woojink, is:

            DONG IL JANG
            3455 W. 8th St.
            (213) 383-5757

            old school korean bbq. reserve a large table in the "tatami" room and wear good socks! the kim chee rice served with roast gui is great.

            if price was not an issue, we like PARK BBQ.

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              Sa Rit Gol has a small room off to the right when you come in. I have never sat in there, but maybe its the right size for 10. They have very nice panchan there, and a good combo with beer or soju and BBQ.