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Jun 9, 2009 02:17 PM

Cumberland, Maryland - is there anybody there ?

Dear all

Am staying in Cumberland for one night en route from Baltimore to Falling Water.

I cannot seem to find any food ( dinner) or bars recommendations at all !

It doesn't have to be anything fancy - just decent beers and a friendly atmosphere for a couple of Brits on a baseball tour who are stopping off for at least one bit of culture between Baltimore and Louisville !

Any help gratefully received ! We are staying on Fayette Street if that is relevant or helpful


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  1. Frostburg is nearby. It's a small college town so there is probably something there.

    1. I'm originally from that area and still visit family there. You won't find any 'fine dining' there, but they've made a pedestrian mall out of the historic downtown district, and you can probably find a decent place there. I don't remember the name of it but there's a place that fits your description near the C&O canal museum (which is also cool!).

      This might be it...

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        I was thinking the same thing re Canal Place. There are several restaurants and bars that opened up in the past few years as the area was renovated, although I've heard some were hit hard by the recession and have since closed. I think it's probably going to be a better bet for you than Frostburg, which is smaller than Cumberland and will be pretty dead now that school's out for the summer. Another option is to drive on to Lingonier, PA, which is near Falling Water and has a number of restaurants in town. You can check out their Chamber of Commerce website for ideas as its been a while since I've been. Also check out the Summit inn and Resprt, which is lovely and also nearby, along with the Ohiopyle State Park where you can go rafting or hiking.

      2. near fayette street , which is a 5- 15 minute walk to within fast food , chinese, grocery. all night stores are also a conveniance to fayette street. close to midway of falling waters and Baltimore .