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Jun 9, 2009 02:07 PM

Lyric in Yarmouthport

..check out the menu. I wish the owners and staff great success.

I dare say I will not have the privilege of dining here anytime soon..well, the bar menu I can afford..

I look forward to a review soon...the desserts are well priced and look divine..

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  1. I expected a higher end menu from anyone who has to pay in the neighborhood of 1.7 million dollars for a property, but I don't find the prices exhorbitant given the offerings, do you? Really, the apps and enrees are only a buck or two more than your beloved Ghirardi's Cafe, no? (BTW, I ate for the first time at Ghirardi's and let me say it was terrific!) I too, wish the new owners luck. Gutsy move in this economy for sure.

    1. Looks good. Who's running the show?

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        Not sure who the owner is, but the chef is the former chef of Mac's Shack in Wellfleet.

      2. I think the menu looks pretty high end (fois gros, filet, organic pork, lamb chops, etc). It looks very nice. And the prices are not out of whack. The only entree exceeding $30 is the lamb chops which are very costly at any butcher shop. Even the bone-in filet is under $30 and the organic pork loin with squash is only $23 - - - and all entrees come with organic vegetables. Also, the wines are less than double retail which is a HUGE bargain; there are way too many restaurants that go 3x retail for their bottlings, so this is a real refreshing surprise.
        I was sad to see Abbicci leave (especially in there pre-renovation form), but this could be an equal or better fine dining replacement - - - especially since 902 on Main left last year.

        1. Just had dinner at Lyric. Service was excellent. Menu met my criteria of having a number of things I would like to order. My salad of shittake mushrooms with asparagus was very good. My husband had the quail appetizer and thought it was excellent. I had a lobster with buccatini pasta which was good, but not transcendant. Dessert menu was limited--some good choices, but not especially exciting. In some ways, I liked Abbicci's menu better but in other ways I like Lyric better. We'll go back. I hope Lyric does well. That kind of restaurant between Dennis and Hyannis is a good thing.

          1. We're staying in Dennis for the next week and have driven past this several times. I love the menu. Has anyone eaten in the bar? We have friends coming to visit next week and may want to check it out.