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Jun 9, 2009 02:01 PM

lunch recs in New Haven

Going to New Haven for a conference. Will have at least one possibly two lunches on my own. Dinner is (unfortunately) through the conference. Looking for New Haven's best. Open to everything from high brow to low. Would love to try Sally's or Pepe's but they are only open for dinner. Modern? or ?
Thanks for the help

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  1. Modern Apizza and Pepe's should be open for lunch and are excellent choices. Sally's will probably be closed. Louis Lunch makes the worlds greatest and oldest hamburgers- some say it is a tourist trap, but don't listen!!!

    1. You could try L'Orcio on state street, the Gnocchi al Gorgonzola is great or you could go to long wharft and hit Ixtapa#1 for some great $1 tacos, Christopher Martins has a great burger, Dempseys has great sandwiches

      1. You should check this thread out:
        Pepe's or Modern are both excellent pizza. Go to Pepe's if you want clam pie and ambiance, and Modern if you want anything else.
        Also great choices are Heirloom, Caseus, Foster's, Soul de Cuba, L'Orcio, Bentara, Miso, Istanbul Cafe, or Prime 16.
        Ibiza has the best food in town, but is only open for lunch on Fridays.
        If it wasn't Friday, and I had to pick only one, I'd pick Heirloom.

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          Now really...Pepe's if you want clam pie and "Ambience". Clam pie is a given at Pepe's; but how is the "Ambience" in any way better than Modern?

          1. re: Scargoe

            That was supposed to come off as sarcasm. People talk about the ambiance at Pepe's because it's got the history. I do think Modern has a nicer interior space, and, more importantly, friendlier waitstaff.

        2. Bentara is open daily for lunch and is one of New Haven's Crown Jewels.
          Nothing beats a big bowl of Me Curry Noodles for lunch.

          1. Some great ideas! Don't forget Union League Cafe and Thali for some great Indian food!
            I would do either Heirloom, Union League Cafe, L'Orcio, Foster's, Thali, Bentara or Caseus, in that order.