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Jun 9, 2009 01:21 PM

Is there ANYWHERE worth eating in Smithfield, NC?

Taking the mother in law (who lives in Carolina House, Smithfield) to dinner - ANY suggestions? I'm afraid it's a desolate wasteland of strip malls and fast food . . . .

Thanks! Kim

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  1. Holt Lake is not fancy, but the food is good!

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    1. re: Suzy Q

      There's a place called Becky's Log Cabin that is pretty good. It's at the 70 Business/I95 junction and is connected to a motel. It is a small town steakhouse - pretty typical with a salad bar, decent steaks (served sizzling hot) and sides. Service is very friendly. The onion rings are AMAZING. Only thing I have not enjoyed is their prime rib - I don't like whatever seasoning they use. I would recommend Becky's because you are correct, most everything else is going to be a chain.

    2. Dessert is easy, try Hills of Sno, the sno kone place just south of the intersection of 70 Bus and 301 Bus.