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Jun 9, 2009 01:07 PM

Planning Wedding - Need Wine Suggestions

I am getting married in September and we will be giving our guests the option of a red or a white. I would like to spend as little as possible but still provide something that everyone will enjoy and wine drinkers will appreciate.

Not sure what the food menu will be yet, although I know it will be a buffet therefore probably eclectic and possibly hard to pair with everything.

Lets keep it under $15.00 and thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Contact Quench -- -- and see whhich retailer near you carries the 2008 Gruner Veltliner from Weingut Hofer for the white. It comes in 1.0L bottles (one-third more than a standard 750ml bottle) and retails for approx. $13.99 (at least here in California). It's crisp and clean, dry and medium-light in body, but with enough going on to accompany a wide variety of foods.

    Contact Louis/Dressner -- -- and find out a) who distributed their wines in Arizona . . . then contact the distributor, and see which retailer near you carries the wines of Jean-Paul Brun (Beaujolias-Villages rouge, or blanc for that matter) and/or wines from Eric Texier (Côte-du-Rhône rouge).

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      Jason, where in the Bay area can I find the 2008 Gruner Veltliner from Weingut Hofer (and other places with multiple selections of the GV's)? I've tried K&L but their search engine makes Chowhound's look like a gold medal Webbie winner.

      Also completely agree with your approach of serving varietals from out of the ordinary. I provided the wines for my godson's wedding, gave me a chance to free up some space in my racks and give his guests something new to try, I printed up menus for the serving table. IIRC, there was only one Cab and no Chards. Got lots of positive comments on the Barberas, Primativos, Garnachas, Chenin Blanc, white and red Rhone style blends, Zins, Syrahs, and Pinots, all within the price point the OP requested.

      1. re: PolarBear

        I believe there is a huge display of it at Andronico's.

    2. This is always a difficult question considering I have no idea of your taste in wine and just a rough idea of what is distributed in your area (AZ).

      My recommendation is to go to a quality wine store and ask for a senior staff person to assist you in your search.

      Generally speaking, great wines at the price point you mentioned can be found in Spain, southern France (Rhone), South America (Chile, Argentina), Australia and California to name a few.

      Zin makes some intriguing suggestions, but I wonder if those are too esoteric for a large crowd at a wedding. Unless ALL of your guests are winos and foodies, most people could care less what they drink. However, it's your wedding so if you want to serve those wines, go for it!

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        Out of curiousity, what is esoteric about a CdR or Beaujolais-Villages? I'll agree that, in Arizona, the availabilty of Gruner Veltliner may not be as widespread as it is in California -- where my local supermarket carries the very wine I mentioned, and I can name six wine shops within a few minutes' drive of my house that carry a multiplicity of producers of Gruner Veltliner, from $14-40 . . .

        That said, the specific Gruner I mentioned is something I often serve in warm weather to "non-wine" people who come over, and unless their idea of wine is Beringer White Zin, everyone seems to like it and many ask me where I bought it . . .


        1. re: zin1953

          By esoteric I mean that unless the OP's wedding guests are really into wine, gruner veltliner and CdR aren't as well known as say, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, etc.

          And, take it easy. No where was I implying that any of your suggestions wouldn't be good and I'm sure your friends love the wine you serve.

          1. re: vinosnob

            I've been to a lot of weddings. The OP is looking for something good in his price range. The guests for the most part will say "I'll have a glass of the white" or "I'll have a glass of the red. As long as it tastes good. they'll be happy. Wine drinkers will appreciate something that isn't cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay, especially at that price level.

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              I'm not upset at all -- just curious. My thoughts were much more along the lines of wally's: >>> As long as it tastes good. they'll be happy <<<

              1. re: zin1953

                I like your suggestions and having never tried either, will be dipping on both of these choices this weekend. Thanks!

                1. re: eatmedrinkme

                  I second the Gruner suggestion. It's so food-friendly. I've taken it to a party where everyone was surprized how much they really liked it.
                  In your climate, it'll be a winner and since it comes in a bigger bottle, your budget will win as well..

        2. If it were me, I would also go to the best retailer in town and ask for reccos there.

          But I'd buy more than one kind of white and more than one red. It increases your chances of finding ones your guests will like. It suprised me, but yes, I have found people who didn't like groovy. There are people who only like New World styles and people who only like Old World, for example.

          And if you do have wine geeks there, they'll appreciate having a selection too.

          1. Red: Borsao Tres Picos
            White: Dr. L Riesling or Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

            These are always crowd pleasers.