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Louisville,KY & beyond

We will be undertaking a KY food road trip this July . We will start and end in Lousville but we will visit the various towns listed below. We have gleaned from Chowhound and other sites the listed restaurants . Input from those with recent experience at any of these possible stops would be greatly appreciated. In addition, if there is/are a glaring omission(s) from the list, please advise.
We thank everyone in advance for their time and effort in responding.

Lynn's Paradise Cafe 984 Barret Ave. 502 583-3447 breakfast
610 Magnolia 610 W Magnolia Ave 502 636-0783
Proof on Main 702 W Main St 502 217-6360
Kaelin's Rest. 1801 Newburg Rd/Speed Ave. 502-451-1801
Jack Fry's 1007 Bardstown Rd 1930s.
Homemade IceCream and Pie 2525 Bardstown Rd. (502) 459-8184
Genny's Diner:2227 Frankfort Ave (502) 893-0923
Mike Linnig’s Rest. 9308 Cane Run Rd 502-937-9888

Polly’s Freeze 5242 State Rd 62, Georgetown,IN

Claudia Sander House (Colonel's Lady) 3202 Shelbyville Road(Rte 60)
Science Hill Inn 525 Washington St 502) 633-2825(Lunch)

Capital Bar-B-Q US Hwy 127 South 502-223-8110

Bon Ton Mini-Mart 2036 Madison St 270 826-1207(nr. Highways 41 & 136)
Thomason's BBQ 701 Atkinson St, 270.826-0654
Wolf's Tavern 31 N Green St 270 826-5221
Mr. D's 1435 S. Green St 270-826-2505

Trackside BBQ 14978 US Highway 60 W, Sturgis, (SW of H)‎ - (270) 333-4227‎
Peak Brothers Barbecue US 60 (Rte 641) Waverly (Wof H) 270 389-0267 MS

Moonlite Inn 2840 W Parrish Ave 270 684-8143
Old Hickory Pit 338 Washington Ave 270 926-9000
George’s BB-Q 1348 E4thSt 270 926-9276

Bowling Green, Glasgow,Tompkinsville
The Smokey Pig Bar B Q 2520 Louisville Rd (270) 781-1712 (Alton)
Bar-B-Que Junction 2225 Russellville Rd 270 783-8902
Big Bubba Buck BBQ 1802 Main St Munfordville (N of Cave City) 270-307-8309
Big Moose BBQ 525 W. Main St.(Rte 68) Glasgow 270 651-1913
Taylor's Catfish & Bbq 464 Paradise Ln Glasgow 270 646-2975
Frances BBQ N.Magnolia St./E.4th (Rt.63)Tompkinsville (S of G) 270 487 8550
Backyard BBQ 2768 Edmonton Rd Tompkinsville (S of G) 270 487-9271

Harrodsburg, Bardstown
Beaumont Inn/Old Owl Tav. 638 Beaumont Inn Dr. Harrodsburg 859 734 3381
Kurtz’s 418 E. Steph. Foster Ave Bardstown 502 348-8964
Old Talbott Tavern 107 W Stephen Foster Bardstown 502-348-3494
Still Bill’s 109 Guthrie Drive Bardstown 502-349-2007 delicious fried chicken
Paula Hot Biscuit 311 W. Water St Hodgenville (270) 358-2237 RF?

Boone Tavern 100 Main St. N Berea 800 366 9358
Pantry Family Rest 1104 Paint Lick Rd (859) 986-2003
Burger Boy 1625 S Main St London (so. of Berea) (606) 864-2675

Sanders Cafe Museum & Kentucky Fried Chicken 688 Highway 25 West

Wallace Station Deli and Bakery
Cleveland’s @ Woodford Inn, Versailles

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  1. In Corbin, I would visit the original KFC, but I would eat at the Rootbeer Stand, instead. The food/menu at the KFC is exactly like every other KFC in the world.

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    1. re: BetsyinKY

      re:Claudia Sanders Boarding House.

      Ever tilted your head back and let somebody pour a couple pounds of iodized salt down your gullet? If not you may want to head to Claudia's place.

      You can also feast on boiled vegetables straight out of a metal can.With all the amazing corn farms in Shelby county it's a shame this place doesn't take more pride in their food.

      Claudia's may have a had a heyday back when John Y was still in his power but those days are long gone. Shelbyville does however have some good Texas style barbecue in Ken-Tex.Ribs and brisket are both respectable.They could open up in Austin and make a living out here and there aren't too many spots I can say that about.

      BetsyinKY is dead on on the Rootbeer Stand

      I wrote about it here:http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/411458

      I love Burger Boy in London.From a previous post:

      I'm a fried chicken eater who's pursued it all over the US.Burger Boy is my favorite source in Kentucky and really compares favorably to legends like Green Acres Cafe in B'ham and Princes in Nashville.This is simply prepared[dusted with seasoned flour and fried in good oil]chicken.Light on the frippery,heavy on the flavor.Burger Boy is no longer open 24 hours,they took Alice Cooper off the jukebox and the waitresses aren't as sassy as they once were but man it's some damn good chicken.

      Looks like you're going to be driving through Lexington as well.I hit Dudleys once or twice a year for a hot brown and or a burger. Sit on the barside unless you're over 80 and/or have blue hair.The theme to the menu is new Southern/quasi-fine dining.They have a nice patio and a thorough selection of bourbons.Folks in jeans and folks dressed to the nines as well.Spaldings has really good donuts and has been around for eons.

      Poster La La should be weighing in at some point with her favorites too.

      Enjoy your visit.Kentucky is a great place to vacation,you won't meet friendlier people and the chow can be incredible.

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Thanks to both Betsyinky and scrumptiouschef for the heads-up on Corbin and Shelbyville

      2. re: BetsyinKY

        Agreed. I like KFC but it's KFC. Drive by it. Look at it. Stop in and see it. But don't bother eating there.

        Our next trip through that area will include the Rootbeer stand.


      3. One thing for sure - do not eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Altho a beautiful building with fabulous chandeliers their pasta was sub-par. Their Chocolate Derby Pie was excellent. The food wasn't very good altho' the service was excellent.

        I saw Lynn's Paradise Cafe on The Food Network. Looks like an excellent breakfast place BUT we never got there.

        1. A trip to Louisville would not be complete without a hot brown at the Brown Hotel...in the top five things I have ever eaten. They serve it in the casual cafe as well as the fancy dining room. Do not eat at the Cauldia Snaders House.
          Beaumont Inn / The Old Owl tavern are both very good. The food and service are always great.
          Skip KFC ...THE MUSEUM is cool but the food is not even the best KFC in the area...the town of London has the world chicken fest in Sept...it is pretty cool. Third the rootbeer stand...the best meal in Corbin.
          Boone Tavern is also a must...the spoonbread is heavenly. It is where my mom always took me for grown up girl occasions. I love it. The pizza place around the corner is also yummy.

          1. I would skip Lynn's. My experiences have been that you pay for all the random junk on the walls and not for a quality breakfast experience. Sweet n Savory on Bardstown road has much better breakfast.

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              1. re: JefferyHunt

                I also agree about skipping Lynn's. My gripe is that nearly everything on the menu is dairy based and incredibly heavy. And not "grandma's cooking" heavy, which I love.

            1. If its late at night, check out Spinelli's for pizza and fried oreos. Blue DOg Bakery is a must. Its on Frankfort Avenue.

              1. Graeters ice cream is one thing I miss most about Louisville. Mmmmm.... Also Vietman Kitchen is really great - south of the city near Shively. Try K-8 (that is the only thing I know it as) - no other Vietnamese will ever beat that dish. And despite working at the hotel, I never ate at the Oak Room in the Seelbach Hilton. It's the only AAA 5 diamond in KY, which means something must be right. The Old Seelbach Bourbon Bar is nice - the hotel has a great history.

                1. I just finished dinner at Moonlite in Owensboro. Two words: Skip it. The bbq items were all overcooked/dried out and the salad bar had lingering flies. Perhaps if you went right when dinner opened it would be better, but I'm not optimistic.

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                  1. re: goflight

                    I ordered from there for a Derby Party a couple of years ago - if there dining room is as bad as what they shipped to me, then I second the "skip it".

                    I do think Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg is a good choice for traditional foods. I have eaten there for many years and not been disappointed. (Stayed there too - love the inn.)

                  2. Don't think there's a Capitol BBQ in Frankfort... it seems completely wrong, but Frankfort doesn't even have a BBQ joint currently, to my knowledge. I'd opt for Serafini's instead to check out the downtown scene.

                    Genny's in Louisville if forgettable, but Clifton's Pizza across the way is the bomb and Longshot Tavern next door is a true local dive. Also, Proof on Main is a good choice, just make sure you allow yourself time to check out the hotel and enjoy the museum.

                    I've never been there, but I've heard good things about Our Best in Henry Co. There's also a general store in Henry Co that's supposed to be the real deal, but I'm not sure of the name and you can bet they don't have a website... ask the locals.

                    Finally, if you enjoy good libation with your food, be sure to check out the many distilleries and wineries along the way.

                    Proof on Main
                    702 W. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202

                    Longshot Tavern
                    2232 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

                    243 W Broadway St, Frankfort, KY 40601

                    Our Best Restaurant
                    5404 Antle Dr, Louisville, KY 40229

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                    1. re: KYcolonel

                      Tony's Barn on I 64 serves good BBQ just S of Frankfort.

                      Tony's Barn @ 1435 Old Lawrenceburg Road, Lawrenceburg, KY 502 - 859 - 3030.

                      Tony's Barn
                      1435 Bypass N, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

                    2. you
                      have to go to glendale to the whistle stop! voted the best desserts in the area all their food is good especially the fried cornbread and the country ham be sure to get the sugar cream pie i always leave sick because i can't control myself and eat WAY too much

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                      1. Kaelins is closed. I recommend you add Baxter Station and Cafe Lou Lou to your Louisville list. The Come Back Inn is a hidden secret. Looks like a dive, especially from the outside but the food is great, especially for the price. Jackfry's is good and expensive. Graeter's makes great ice cream but they're based out of Cincinnati, if you want a taste of Louisville try the Comfy Cow. All ice cream made on sight.

                        Come Back Inn
                        909 Swan St, Louisville, KY 40204

                        841 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40222

                        Cafe Lou Lou
                        106 Sears Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

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                        1. re: aMillionDreams

                          The Comfy Cow, I'm convinced, puts some kind of addictive substance in their ice cream. It's right down the street from me and all I'm saying is I do NOT work out enough for them to be so close. The cherry amaretto and dulce de leche de salte are both MAJOR winners.

                          +1 on the Come Back Inn.

                          Come Back Inn
                          909 Swan St, Louisville, KY 40204

                          1. re: LauraGrace

                            DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT skip out on Peak Bros BBQ in Waverly. I live in Lexington now(about six hours away) and make it a point to keep a stockpile of their mutton in my freezer. My family always picks some up when we go back home to visit family. It's also where we purchase our Christmas ham. Also, if you're gonna be in that area for a couple of days and want some diner style fish & chips, check out Coach's Corner in Sturgis. Moonlite in Owensboro is decent, but definitely overrated.

                          2. re: aMillionDreams

                            Come Back Inn, most definetly!

                            Joe Davolos is highly recommended if you're in that area for lunch.

                            Papalino's Pizza (Baxter Avenue) has quickly become a huge, huge favorite.

                            If you're in Southern Indiana, the New Albanian is our favorite spot for beer, and their pizza is my own favorite.

                            Must mention my own favorite restaurant, Mayan Cafe.

                            If you have the inclination, check out Corsair Artisan Distillery in Bowling Green. Great stuff, ridiculously friendly people.

                            Come Back Inn
                            909 Swan St, Louisville, KY 40204

                          3. For Louisville - Lynn's is over rated - Try Wild Eggs http://www.crackinwildeggs.com/. Stay away from Genny's Diner, it is dump. For Louisville, not sure if you are looking for fine dining or casual I would recommend Equus & Jack's Lounge, Mark's Feed Store, Seviche and while in Midway, Holly Hill Inn. Or check out the Louisville Original's website.

                            Holly Hill Inn
                            426 North Winter Street, Midway, KY 40347

                            Holly Hill Inn
                            Midway, KY, Midway, KY

                            122 Sears Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

                            Seviche A Latin Restaurant - Highlands
                            1538 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205

                            Genny's Diner
                            2223 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

                            Holly Hill Inn
                            426 N Winter St, Midway, KY 40347

                            Mark's Feed Store
                            1514 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

                            Mark's Feed Store
                            10316 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY 40272

                            Wild Eggs
                            3985 Dutchmans Ln, Louisville, KY 40207

                            Mark's Feed Store
                            11422 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40243

                            1. Ouch, big snub on Northern Kentucky.

                              If you find your way up here there is a lot of history on Dixie Highway. The Greyhound Tavern is a true original and their Fried Chicken is amazing. http://www.greyhoundtavern.com/

                              Check out Otto's or Chez Nora in Covington http://www.mainstrasse.org/restauraunts

                              Knotty Pine on the Bayou is another unique place. Get a cold beer and a bowl of great gumbo in a roadside Cajun place on the Licking River.

                              Enjoy the trip and start the Prilosec now... it sounds great!

                              Greyhound Tavern
                              2500 Dixie Hwy, Fort Mitchell, KY 41017

                              Chez Nora
                              530 Main St, Covington, KY 41011

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                              1. re: Uncle Luigi

                                The 'pour salt down your gullet' regarding Claudia Sanders also applies to Mike Linnigs, only replace salt with grease. Unless your plan is to refuel a bio-diesel engine by squeezing your used napkins into it or to get 'preferred service' with your cardiologist, skip that place.

                              2. I make it a point to have lunch at Science Hill whenever I'm in Louisville. Be sure to try the mouth watering roast beef over hot water cornbread or the shrimp and grits. The brown sugar pie is divine! For breakfast, I recommend Toast on Main; they have a creative menu that is filled with delicious selections. Be sure to note that they aren't open on Mondays. Z Oyster Bar and Steakhouse and Proof on Main are great places to dine: http://www.zoysterbar.com/, http://www.proofonmain.com/proof/defa.... Be sure to check out the modern art in the gallery at Proof on Main, even the restrooms are artistically innovative! To experience a fine Louisville tradition, have a Hot Brown where it was created, the Brown Hotel.


                                Proof on Main
                                702 W. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202

                                1. One more thing, the pies and cakes at Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen are fantastic! I love their upside down cupcakes that are smothered with delicious chocolate or caramel icing http://www.piekitchen.com/index.html.

                                  Pie Kitchen
                                  5606 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40291

                                  1. Two other good eats here in Louisville - the Blind Pig and 732 Social. They also have great cocktails. I definitely second Pappalino's - they make their own cured meats in-house (as does the Blind Pig) and they brown their ricotta with a brûlée torch.

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                                    1. re: Victoriaeleanor

                                      Amazing experience at 732 Social in terms of cocktails, and terrific food and service as well - a must every time we visit the area in the future!

                                    2. I'll update my 2c on this thread.

                                      We really liked Wallace Station and the drive out there is worth the trip alone. Pick a nice day and take a drive. Stop there for lunch.

                                      Big Bubba Buck's in Munfordville is also worth a stop. Great Q and catfish but the deserts were surprisingly good.