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Jun 9, 2009 12:17 PM

Top 5 things a newbie should try at Wegmans

I"m about to make one of my periodic trips to Wegmans for the hard to find and fun to find items. Since it''s a bit of a haul for me, i don't go regularly, maybe 2-3X a year. I love all their stuff, their prices, and their staff. I"m talking a friend along this time who has never been to one, and it got to me to thinking: If you were gonna introduce them to the best of Wegman's food stuff, what 5 MUST-Have items should they bring home. I have a couple of chesses in mind along with a sweetish/spicy sauce they carry (not theirs). i know they will we wowwed by the place, but it's the food that will keep them coming back.

Any suggestions?

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  1. 1. Red White & Blue bread in the bakery
    2. Strawberry and Chardonnay cheese in the cheese shop
    3. Not sure what store you're going to, but ask if they have Maria's Meatball Cookies in the bakery
    4. Wegmans brand Chocolate Covered Virginia Peanuts
    5. Thin Rope Sausage in the meat case (Wine and Parsley variety)

    1. 5 great choices........especially since I have only had 2 of them!
      We are off tomorrow