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Jun 9, 2009 12:17 PM

auberge de l'ille

will be on the route du vin in Alsace in Sept. Heard much about this restaurant. Wondering what it will cost for dinner for two with a decent bottle of wine and what I have to pack to wear to dinner.

Will smart casual cut it in the countryside or do I need a blazer? blazer and tie?

We will be on the road and my standard dress is a polo shirt with khakis. Is this acceptable dress at most french restaurants?

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. They have a website with the menu and prices. Dinner for two plus wine plus aperitif (you will want one, in the warm months they will offer your aperitif and amuse bouche in the garden, then go inside to eat) plus water plus coffee it will be difficult to get our for less than about 275e each, primarily depending on which wine you choose. Good thing about their wine list is that they have plenty of local Alsace wines that are reasonably priced. Lunch is a much better deal in terms of cost. I recommend at least a blazer, otherwise you may feel out of place. This is quite a good restaurant, be prepared for a 3-4 hour dinner.

    1. I've had somewhat mixed feelings about the direction the cooking has taken at L'Auberge over the last few years, but a number of the Haeberlin brothers' old specialties remain in a separate section of the carte and are still perfectly executed. The experience of these slightly old-fashioned dishes, accompanied by beautiful regional wines in this lovely setting is not to be missed.

      Pacticularly for lunch, it is less formal than many three stars, and a blazer, with or without a tie, would be appropriate.


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        Thanks for the replies. Lunch sounds like a good idea.

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          there are plenty of good places along the route de vin. Here is another one to consider, in Marlenheim, at the very north end of the route:

          and not on the route but well worth a detour ( 2 stars) about 35 miles north of Strasbourg:

          also not on the route but worth a journey (3 stars) also 40 miles or so north of strasbourg:

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            I wouldn't put Le Cerf in the same league as the Auberge, we had one of our best dining experiences at the Auberge a couple of years ago, and a far from memorable one at Le Cerf. Fantastic setting, really good service, memorable food, and quite relaxed (it was a pre-christmas lunch full of local families celebrating)

            I have not been to the other two, but isn't Arnsbourg a 40 mile drive across fairly tortuous roads into the hills? Apparently worth it, but a big detour.

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              That's one of the charms of L'Auberge: there are always lots of locals and families eating there, with Grand mere conversing in Alsatian.

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                That is so true, a real local restaurant.

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                I am not suggesting le Cerf is in the same league as Auberge, clearly it is not. However, when you are not in the mood to drop 300e on dinner at a place such as l'Arnsbourg or Auberge, I find it to be a very nice alternative.

                Yes, l'Arnsbourg is at the end of a little country road in the forest. You just about need a GPS to find it, but I got there no problem with maps printed from

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                  Both offer different styles but I would put L'Arnsbourg a little higher ranking than Auberge (L'Arnsbourg is more innovative and refined). Auberge is very pleasant in a warm season (by the river) with many locals. If time and money are not object, you may want to stop by both (the finest restaurants in Alsace).

        2. We ate there July 16th this year. The experience was wonderful. We decided for our "splurge" dinner it would be here and we're glad we did. Make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance if you go for dinner. The service was excellent and the portions of the meal were exceptional. The rest was really good. The cost of our meal in US dollars (2 people) was around $650. We had cocktails, appetizers, main course, very nice bottle of wine. You can go there without a jacket. There were quite a few men there without jackets. If you're only bringing your jacket for this one meal, I don't think its worth toting around. Enjoy your trip.

          1. have dined at most of france's three star restaurants over the past 20 years including the auberge five times. each time the auberge has been the same - near perfection food, service and setting. one can argue ad nauseum the "best" but i can say unequivocally that it is my absolute "favorite" by a good margin.

            lunch is the time to go and wear a jacket - you will feel better.