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Jun 9, 2009 12:06 PM

Dinner at Spice Xing in Rockville

Had dinner Saturday night at Spice Xing in the Rockville Towne Square. Was pleasantly suprised. We shared 5 or 6 different appetizers, 3 different breads and four main courses and didnt have one compliant. I am a little concerned that the restaurant wasnt very crowded for a Saturday night even though the "Square" was teeming with people.

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  1. Had the lunch buffet there recently on a weekday. Not as extensive as other Indian buffets we've tried, but good quality. The lamb korma was the best. Yes, the place was not very crowded for a weekday lunch. I guess there are so many other interesting restaurants right there in within a few blocks. You Rockvillains are very fortunate to have such a nice town square.

    1. I also enjoyed dinner there tonight. It was quite slow--but it was a Sunday night at 8.

      We ordered tandori chicken wings, 2 sides/dips, and 2 chicken dishes. All were very tasty. The staff was very friendly and the manager stopped by twice to make sure everything was okay.

      I really hope they develop a following. I always like to see independently owned restaurants do well--over the big chains.

      1. I tried out their weekend lunch buffet today. I thought it was a good value for $9.95. There was a variety of salad, chutney and sauces. Dishes included tilapia curry, lamb Josh Rogan, chicken keema, tandoori chicken, kidney bean masala, a vegetarian soup and a few others I can't remember. For dessert, there was fresh fruit and vermicelli pudding.

        I especially enjoyed the tandoori chicken. It actually had great smokey flavor instead of the usual red food-color but bland/dry chicken I usually find at other restaurants.

        I would definitely go there again.

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          FYI - I went to the weekend lunch buffet LAST weekend, and there was only about 50% overlap with what you listed. So it seems that they are regularly varying the dishes offered on the buffet.

        2. Went there for dinner on Friday night. Similar to what you described, it wasn't very crowded, although the square was teeming with people. I think a lot of the people are on the young side (15-25y), and I just don't think Spice Xing (or really, any restaurant) is what they're after. It's a shame, because it's fantastic.

          No apps. Ordered a side of the chana masala (not listed on the menu, comes on the side with the samosa and is really good with great spicing, if a smidge salty). It is rave-worthy. Dal Makhni was good. For the second time, ordered the Portugese shrimp dish (Balchao Shrimp) and LOVED it again. The Paneer makhni was good, but not great. Too sweet (IMHO). However, I imagine it suits others just fine. The flavors in the food are complex and nuanced. We spent a $40/person inc tip--we had a couple of EtOH drinks and we tipped 25% because our waiter was really good.

          It really is a fantastic restaurant.

          Spice Xing
          100-B Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850