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Jun 9, 2009 11:51 AM

unique wings? "hidden" wings?

looking for something different akin to, say, Dallas BBQ's sticky wings, Bon Chon / Kyo-Chon, Tebaya's or Kasadela's japanese wings, Pete's Tavern's wings, or maybe those Thai rice-stuffed chicken wings, an exceptionally good bone-in kara-age or something crazy like rockmeisha's tartar-sauce-covered fried chicken. or maybe there are some really good wings hiding in some appetizer section of an otherwise unthinkable restaurant or a place you wouldn't expect.

any and all recs welcome; thanks!

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  1. City Bakery in Union Square
    One is old bay seasoned and the other is salt/pepper/sugar seasoned

    1. The Chipotle Chicken Wings (with blue chesse dip) at Blue Smoke are divine.

      1. 69 Bayard salt and pepper wings.

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          oh hell yes. perfectly fried. those are more the epitome of a fried chicken wing; nothing "different" or "strange" about them but amazing. just had those a couple weeks ago.

        2. The wings at Waterfront Ale House on 30th and 2nd are addictive. They are made from their private label hot sauce, Sam's. They are in the same vein as buffalo wings but all the better due to the use of the sames. Thicker, spicier, better flavor.

          I also agree with the chipotle wings at Blue Smoke

          1. Worth a try are the wings at the Blue Seat on Ludlow near Stanton. Their regular hot wings are solid but they also have an Asian Sesame wing that is outstanding. And they have a special of 10 cent wings when buying a pitcher some nights (though pitchers are around $20 so it evens out).