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unique wings? "hidden" wings?

looking for something different akin to, say, Dallas BBQ's sticky wings, Bon Chon / Kyo-Chon, Tebaya's or Kasadela's japanese wings, Pete's Tavern's wings, or maybe those Thai rice-stuffed chicken wings, an exceptionally good bone-in kara-age or something crazy like rockmeisha's tartar-sauce-covered fried chicken. or maybe there are some really good wings hiding in some appetizer section of an otherwise unthinkable restaurant or a place you wouldn't expect.

any and all recs welcome; thanks!

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  1. City Bakery in Union Square
    One is old bay seasoned and the other is salt/pepper/sugar seasoned

    1. The Chipotle Chicken Wings (with blue chesse dip) at Blue Smoke are divine.

      1. 69 Bayard salt and pepper wings.

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          oh hell yes. perfectly fried. those are more the epitome of a fried chicken wing; nothing "different" or "strange" about them but amazing. just had those a couple weeks ago.

        2. The wings at Waterfront Ale House on 30th and 2nd are addictive. They are made from their private label hot sauce, Sam's. They are in the same vein as buffalo wings but all the better due to the use of the sames. Thicker, spicier, better flavor.

          I also agree with the chipotle wings at Blue Smoke

          1. Worth a try are the wings at the Blue Seat on Ludlow near Stanton. Their regular hot wings are solid but they also have an Asian Sesame wing that is outstanding. And they have a special of 10 cent wings when buying a pitcher some nights (though pitchers are around $20 so it evens out).

            1. My favorite wings in the city are still from Dinosaur BBQ.

              But, some of the most unusual...
              - went to a happy hour where we had chicken wings without the bone, and it's literally the middle section of the chicken wing (not the drumette), and they took it and chopped off the ends where the bones meet at each end (so you're left with the two remaining pieces of bone which are parallel to each other), and then removed the remaining bone, and then what's left is cooked and served. I thought it was such a waste of a chicken wing, but this was truly boneless chicken wings (and not just white meat that they say is boneless wings!). Anyway, it was tasty enough, and unique enough that I remember it still, but they were small bites. I think the place is La Fonda del Sol by Grand Central.

              - the other one is from a trip to Kyoto. We ate at a random casual japanese place, and we got the japanese style chicken wings (which I usually don't like), but these were served with a sprinkle of sugar (mixed in w a little bit of salt), and a drizzle of sweet soy sauce. I didn't think I would like it when they brought it to the table, but it was good! But I digress.

              - Have you ever had Cantonese style duck wings? They're typically braised in a five spice/soy sauce type of marinade. Yummy! Sometimes, I've seen them at Big Wong in Chinatown, pre-packed in the white plastic to-go containers by the cashier.

              - There's also Malaysian style wings, they're fried I believe, had it at Nyonya on Grand St, I think, also pretty good.

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                those malaysian style wings, they are usually fried with pandan leaves or something like that right? I see it pretty often on malay places but never ordered them. sounds good!

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                  My favorite is also Dinosaur BBQ with wango tango sauce

                2. Totally with DarthEater on the 69 Bayard S&P and TheNewYorker on those Blue Seats Asian Sesame - Those are both great.

                  Not out of the ordinary or unique but generally speaking i like the Reservoir wings (university bet 10th and 11th) a lot... If you get a good batch they're nice and plump and CHEAP. I think its like $8.95 for 20 or something.

                  All that said, the wings in NYC are a joke. Someone needs to open up a real deal wing place here. If it was done right it would rake in money. When i need a real wing fix i go up to the Candlelight Inn in Scarsdale, NY - right between Yonkers and White Plains. Best wings in the entire country!


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                    Virgils BBQ Chicken Wings - I think they are smoked. They have a great coarse spice rub on them, and the meat is moist and tender (unlike many fried versions ive had in the city).

                    Every time i take someone there from out of town (mostly texans) they say these are the best they've ever had.

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                      for price, I tried to go to croxley's a few weeks ago on the monday/wednesday happy hour and the place was stupid packed. 10 cent wings is the reason of course, but they lost their garden (too much noise complaints) so the bar was gross and packed and steamy but people were literally getting a hundred wings per order; it was madness and terrible. we decamped at mama's instead and had fried chicken (thighs are great, breasts are tough and terrible) and veg instead.

                    2. ippudo: wait for seating can be forever, but you can get the wings at the bar.
                      and, craftbar...