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Jun 9, 2009 11:38 AM

Nice/Eze: casual but good

Looking for a great place for bouillabaise and other regional foods in Nice/Eze area; have heard of Bacon but it is in Cap d'Antibes a bit further away. Thanks!

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  1. If you search the board for bouillabaisse and/or nice you will find a number of recent threads. If you are after more specific recommendations based on preferences, I'm sure many will be able to assist.

    1. Just spent 6 weeks in the area and will be writin up dining soon, but what are you looking for exactly. We never went to Eze, but in Nice there are many nice places. Price range and which reional specialtties/type of atmosphere and food you are looking for would help. We enjoyed Luc Salsedo and Don Camillo although I preferred the former, but neithrt is a bouillabaise type of place.

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        Looking forward to your write up as we will be there in a few weeks time

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          Bouillabaisse is not really "indigenous" to Nice, it actually thrives in Marseille and environs, about 80 miles to the West. You will only find very expensive and a bit off the mark bouillabaisse here.

          Cuisine Nicoise consists of more olive oil and vegetables, such as stuffed eggplants, stuffed zucchini, Soupe au pistou (basil), and lots of other lovely, simple dishes. We've found that the best of these in Nice is served at the wonderful La Petite Maison, on rue St Francois de Paule.

          Bon appetit!

      2. Actually, bouillabaisse is not a regional food of Nice. It is Marseillaise. But you can get a great one at Tétou. If you are not up for driving it, you can take the train from Eze-bord-de-Mer to Golfe Juan.
        I agree about Luc Salsedo and Don Camillo and would add Millésime 82.