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Jun 9, 2009 11:25 AM

Throwing a party! Need to stock up on wine. What should we get?


We are throwing a party for 60 adults and I need to supply wine to our guests. I want to be able to go to the New Hampshire Liquor Store since its right near me in Portsmouth. Any idea on what I should get, how many bottles? My budget is $600.00.

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  1. I don't know if you can get this at NH State liquor store - we purchased at a wine tasting in Wellsley - very pleased with these inexpensive wines.

    1.) Rossopesce vino rosso from Italy; 2007-lighter red, goes well with chicken or fish. Described as a well structured wine from Tuscany uniquely soft and fruit driven yet not too sweet; no biting aftertaste; great for party sipping! $9.99

    2.) Primativo Puglia from Italy; 2004 - darker red, pairs well with red meats, BBQ's, sharp cheeses; from San Marzano region, Italy. $11.99

    Clips here on chowhound also mention "Convenience Store" wines and recommend an inexpensive $8.00 Ravenswood (not the Merlot) I'll second that w/a Polka Dot Riesling for those who love a really sweet wine.I know these should be in any NHState store. Caterers tell me the rule of thumb is two - three glasses per person depending on length of event...CH says forget the boxed wine. I'm a wine newbie, but I kind of figured...

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      The CH video titled corner store wine suggested Ravenswood Chardonnay - don't know if you wanted domestic or imported wines, but the young man claims this won't ruin a party!

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        These are great suggestions. Thank you.

    2. There are 60 5oz glasses in a case of wine - will you have any other liquor or beer - also, how long & what time of day?
      I would get two cases of beer, some soft drinks and up to three cases of wine (knowing that there will be plenty left over for me to drink later in the summer!) - I just had a party (a pig roast) and served only rose and corona (and soft drinks).... it was great for a summer party

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        Thanks so much. I will be serving beer as well. I found a calculator online that allowed me to figure out how much to buy.

      2. There are some great values out there for not a whole lot of money: for whites, look into Kung Fu Girl is a really good food wine. Also the Sardinian whites (vermentino grape) are great and not expensive. Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is really wonderful and reasonably priced. Some great reds under ten dollars are: A-mano Primativo, Las Rochas Garnacha, Fess Parker Frontier Red, and Coppola Rosso.

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            I was at a Memorial Day dinner and someone brought this crazy good wine:

            Rene Barbier - Catalonia, Spain Mediterranean Series White

            Try it and tell me what you think? It went so well with some soft cheeses such as a brie and another cheese with a rind. I am getting a case for 60 US this week.

            Follow your

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            Off the cuff, I'm thinking $600/40 (because all will not drink and all will not drink wine= a $15 bottle of wine per person! A-mano Primativo, Las Rochas Garnacha, Fess Parker Frontier Red, and Coppola Rosso are all decent, but you could do better. Most good Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand are $11-12. Lots of Chilean Malbecs, Australian Shiraz, etc, are at $15 to <20. Go to liquor store, ask for help and say $15-20 per bottle. With discount you should be fine; none will be mediocre nor will you look like you were cheaping out!

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              nice call on the kung fu girl! and whitehaven! superior NZ sav blanc and a great value!
              another great reisling (imported) we love is butterfly, i know they have it at NH state lq. some other great values & approachable for a large crowd i'd rec a malbec from mendoza region argentina (alamos, gascon, pricier but worth it catena); torrontes, a lovely summer white (if summer ever arrives!) i love trapiche(@6.00), pannotia, or crios. don't overlook a nice french rose, i like the cote du rhone varietals, great for this time of year and fun to offer as an alternative to wh zin drinkers, get them to think @ wine a bit. cheers!

              1. re: sarabean

                I alsways find it odd that people think White Zin drinkers will enjoy almost bone dry French rosé. Is it simply because they're both pink?

                I think an off-dry Riesling is a much better "step up" wine for the WZ kids.

                1. re: invinotheresverde

                  "step up" wine for the WZ kids...
                  You've totally lost me. Also isn't all Riesling at least off-dry?

                  1. re: Scargod

                    Definitely not. Plenty Rieslings are bone dry, especially Alsatian.

                  2. re: invinotheresverde

                    point taken. i just hate w zin and love french rose in the spring. i guess i'm being insensitive to the poor schmucks. ;)

                    1. re: sarabean

                      Hey, I agree. I LOVE Rosé in the summer! I just don't think the WZ drinkers would. ;)

                      1. re: invinotheresverde

                        Oh, White Zinfandel! "WZ kids" confused me. I thought it was something like Generations XYZ... I do know what "Zin"and "Cab" stand for.
                        I see I'm going to have to get back on my soapbox about abbreviations and acronyms. :)

                        1. re: Scargod

                          I wrote out "White Zin" in that initial post, silly.

                          1. re: invinotheresverde

                            You're right. You see, that first brain fart was at 5:56PM. At that point I was, ahem, sampling new scotch or some of the new wines I bought.
                            I might have also had someone yelling, "when's dinner going to be ready?" and started speed reading.
                            I got a bunch of new (to me) wines from Valley Discount Wine and Liquor in Ansonia, CT. Guess I'll mention a few in "what are you drinking now"...

              2. I would suggest's time for roses! And there are lots of them that are inexpensive. Also, I really like the Librandi Ciro Rosso for a lighter summer red: it's 100% Gaglioppo from Calabria. And, the Sella & Mosca Cannonau (which is Grenache in Sardinia) is always a big hit. Another great red from Spain: the Este from Bodegas Alto Amanzora; it's a blend of 4 varietals. Everyone likes this wine. Also, Vinho Verde, that crisp, light, slightly effervescent and low-alcohol white from Portugal. Again, your guests will love it. I could go on and on.

                1. Roses are an excellent idea, it certainly is the season. If you're looking for bubbly (and who isn't?) Gruet produces a very reasonable brut and rose in the $15-17 range. The brut makes a fine French 75, if that's your thing. I'm also partial to gruner veltliner for a goes-with-everything crowd pleaser. The 1l bots of Hofer should run $11 - 14 (but I'm not sure it's available in NH).

                  Since you're in Portsmouth, I'd mention that the supermarket where Stroudwater Books used to be has a well chosen selection which might give you some further ideas. For the life of me I can't recall the name of the shop.