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Jun 9, 2009 10:56 AM

west side columbus, nothing fancy

This is probably a long shot, but My Mom and I will be driving to Illinois from New Jersey, spending the night on the west side of Columbus. Is there any good local place to go for dinner? Pizza? Ethnic? We'll be pretty fried from the 8-hour drive and not up for much running around, but would appreciate any recommendations that would save us from Bob Evans, etc. Thanks!!

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  1. I've liked Salvi's when I've been there.

    Salvi's Bistro
    1323 St James Lutheran Ln, Columbus, OH

      1. If you are staying off I-70 at the Rome-Hilliard exit, I second Salvi's. It is pretty good, especially the Pasta Salvi. Almost everything else off that exit is a chain. Starliner is really good, too.

        1. I don't know how far west you'll be, but this place in central Columbus (they have two locations, but they're not a chain) is one of my favorites:

          Lots of fresh, clean-tasting organic food with no fuss and reasonable prices. Feel free to go in wearing your road trip hair.