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Jun 9, 2009 10:23 AM

Montreal and Quebec City Meals

We'll be in Montreal and Quebec City in July. I've got some meals planned:

Dinner Justine au Vin, Kitchen Gallerie
Lunch: Marche 27, Bistro Bienville

We need one more dinner and one more lunch. We are looking for places to highlight Montreal's food scene more than the "best" Montreal restaurant. We also don't want formal restaurants but more casual oriented. Would also like to have one lunch place that we could take kids.

Quebec City:
Dinner: Restaurant le Patriarche, Le Moine Echanson
Lunch: Le pain beni (with the kids), Le Saint-Amour

We wouldn't to go to Laurie Raphael for lunch (dinner looks very expensive), but they aren't open for lunch the days we are there. We need one more lunch and one more dinner as well. Again, we'd like places that aren't tourist destinations but that locals would consider representative of Quebec's food culture.

Also, any must visit coffee shops? We like to hang out and just enjoy the city scene. We might have kids to bring to the coffee shop too.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Casual lunch place with kids: The Main deli at 3864 St-Laurent.
    Smoked meat - not the best (but still very good) but if they are little kids I dunno if they'd handle the line-up and squeezed/rushed seating across the way at Schwartz's. I was there with a 2 year old once, no prob.

    Also great burgers, latkes, liver, fries, other sandwiches....

    1. In Quebec City, I'd check out Le Café du CLocher Penché. A simple bistro in a former bank that is really typical of the city and the food is among the best in the city. Prices are also fair.

      1. For coffee in Montreal, Cafe Myriade is a must visit. Great espresso, machiato, cappucino, and drip coffee as well. Lovely tea selection, and awesome hot chocolate.

        1. The original comment has been removed