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Jun 9, 2009 09:55 AM

Zo - Greek Lunch Spot in Center Plaza

The new Greek place where Café Latino was originally located opened today. Just had the regular gyro and a spanakopita (I think they gave it to me for free) and it was very good – somewhere quality-wise between Farm Grill and Mediteraneo. The spanakopita was actually one of the better ones I’ve had – they didn’t hold back on the butter (or possibly oil) between the filo layers, making it nice and crispy (no tongue-piercing shrapnel from the pastry). Ingredients all fresh, and the meat was sliced from actual cuts, not the giant cone of meat-colored particle board you see so often.

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  1. Forgot to mention - meats are pork and chicken.

    1. I'll have to tell my friends who work downtown about this, as they all seem to like Greek food.

      I can't find anything on this place online (probably because the name is so short and unusual). Hopefully a menu will get posted soon.

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        Where exactly in Center Plaza is this place? Are we talking the Center Plaza building in Government Center?

        1. re: mwk

          Yes, that's right - there are stairs and an escalator that lead up to the courthouses behind center plaza. Go right at the top of the escalator (I am a chowhound) and it's right there.

        2. mmm... gyro... only if this was about 200 yards closer as my office was less than 100 yards from where Mediterraneo stood.

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          1. re: avial

            I'd say it's worth the trek - I'm adding it to my rotation. I'm going to try the chicken, next. Looks like all white meat, so it could potentially be bit dried out.

            1. re: nsenada

              I had their original gyro today and found that the meat was a bit dried out. It being the only half-decent gyro in the area, it'll have to do but I think Mediterraneo was still better.

              1. re: avial

                I tried this place too the other day and it was pretty good, its nice to have a 2nd greek place in the area along with the Fila Buster, they have some similar stuff there as well..

                1. re: suslak615

                  Shouldn't that be the Filo-Buster? ;)

                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                    Or (as caught on FBI surveillance tape, to Diane Wilkerson's chagrin) the Fill-a-Bra'ster?

                2. re: avial

                  Sultans Kitchen has a very good gyro - especially on the days when it is made with lamb (some days it is chicken).

            2. Got to Zo today - had the "classic" gyro for $6.75 - it was outstanding!

              Loads of fresh sliced pork - as mentioned above, real meat - not the usual gyro-meat-amalgam. More meat than I ever have had on a gyro before - good fresh tomatoes, onions, parsley, yogurt sauce - also kept getting nice bites of fresh dill. Bread fluffy warm very fresh. The meat was too salty I think, but was not dried out at all - unlike what avial noted - hopefully they worked that out - The abundant tomatoes and sauce helped to sort of balance it out. Right now, this is my new favorite lunch spot.

              They also offer chicken, and also a tuna pita and a pita with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Fast line - clean digs. I think all sandwiches are in the 6.75 range.

              They have stuffed grape leaves for $3.75 which look to be about 8-9 per pack.

              Go now - and tell your friends.

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              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                I had the chicken gyros last week and found it so juicy. The grilled flatbread held well but my only complaint was the over abundance of the yogurt sauce. This place will definitely be added to my lunchtime rotation.

              2. Still haven't tried the chicken, but the pork was great, again. I may try to sneak some fatback onto the rotisserie while they're not looking, and I wish they wouldn't advertise that the yoghurt is low fat.

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                1. re: nsenada

                  I had the chicken - less salty than the pork (no surprise) and mounds of meat - felt like at least a half lb. - I think I preferred it to the pork, but I will just have to keep re-sampling to make sure. ;)